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Interior design trend: Statement ceilings

You may have heard of the statement that ceilings are the fifth wall. This year it is more popular than ever. Taking place between other interior design trends, the fifth wall trend can change your living space completely. So what you should know about statement ceiling? Here are some pieces of advice and ideas.

Simple geometry

Light interior design with simple statement ceiling look

Let's start with aesthetic designs. One of the best ways to bring the eye up is to put stripes on the ceiling. We have noticed that lately there is a big tendency to use simple and bold geometric forms in home accessories and the interior design itself. Simple shapes like dots or lines are easier to combine with the rest of the interior.

Nursery and kids room

Cozy gray and beige nursery room interior design

Places, where more playful design will perfectly fit, is nursery and kids rooms. Simple colorful lines also will look great but to create more unique, peaceful fairy tail look - choose a more detailed and fun design in soft colors that are similar or same to other wall tones. Simple yet detailed design means more material for kids imagination!

Five walls - one wallpaper

Vintage cloud wallpaper design in kids room

Combining and using the same tones for the statement ceilings as for the rest of the walls will create a more complete, well-considered look. To completely change rooms look - use the same wallpaper on all five walls. This trick will create a cocooning (or "borderless") effect, depending on the design. It is especially effective in bedrooms and media rooms.

Angled walls and slanted ceilings

Scandinavian style bathroom with slanted ceilings

If you have irregular walls or slanted ceiling that ruins the “clean” interior look that you want to achieve - this advice will help you. Use wallpaper that has dense pattern design - it will disguise it. Works like a charm!

Different options

Warm interior design with light wood walls and statement ceilings

If you want to keep that simple look but still want some changes - simply painted ceiling will do the job. Keep in mind that darker color will make the ceiling “lower” and light color - “higher”. Paint is not the only way how to make a ceiling pop. Different materials like wood or plaster moldings also can be used to create a unique look.

The options for creating a statement ceiling are endless, from paint to tiles and wood or even gold leaf. How would you create your own statement ceiling?

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