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Shared Girl's Rainbow Room Interior Inspiration

If you've been Pinteresting kid's room spaces then you might know that rainbow is the one kid's room trend that keeps popping up everywhere lately. And because of this we couldn't think of a better kid's room inspiration to share with you this Thursday than this lovely shared girl's rainbow themed room! If you like pastel colors and dreamy kid's room spaces, read on to find some decorating ideas for your next project!

Modern girl's bedroom interior with white house bed and pastel pink removable wallpaper with rainbow theme

This lovely pastel colored girl's bedroom is shared by two little lovely ladies and it seems that this room is the perfect space for cheerful and inspirational day dreaming. The lovely pastel pink removable wallpaper from our Eclectic Kid's Room Wallpaper Collection works perfectly with the rest of the rainbow-inspired color palette of this interior. The different size and color polka dot patterns are perfectly aligned and, even though each of the patterns are different, creates a cohesive look.
We also love how the Montessori inspired house bunk bed is entertaining and functional at the same time. Did you notice the bookshelf built in under the slide? Given the small size of the room it is so clever to use all the space wisely. And the colorful books just keep adding on to the rainbow color palette!

Rainbow wall mural in white girl's room with unicorn head

And who said that you can have only one accent wall in an interior? This DIY hand painted rainbow wall mural works perfectly with the Eclectic Paint Dot wallpaper, don't you think?

Modern diy rainbow wall mural in pastel colored shared girl's room interior

As the room is still work in progress, it will still be updated with some more rainbow themed interior decor and furniture pieces, but I think we can agree that it looks beautiful already! Colors of the interior seem to truly give energy and for two little girls to live in a room as colorful and magical as this will definitely help them believe that anything they set their mind on is possible and achievable.

Soft pastel color rainbow unicorn themed girl's room interior with removable wallpaper

If you enjoyed this little room tour and want to recreate the rainbow wall mural or get some more rainbow themed interior design inspiration, check out @eclecticindian Instagram feed! And don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to share your own #livetteswallpaper interior project.

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