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Dorm Room Makeover | Gray, White & Gold Girl's Room

A few simple tricks has turned this dormitory space from an off-putting hospital room to a beautiful gray, white and gold freshmen fab girl's room! Take a look at this blog post to see how!

Feminine and cosy dorm room with grey, white and gold color decor with blush pink accent pillows

Home away from home

This Ithaca College dorm room remodel was designed by Meme Hill Studio for her daughter Chloe and her friend Sophie. They're both freshmen this year and wanted to transform the boring dormitory room into their home away from home. The big challenge? You are not allowed to remove any existing furniture, drill holes in the walls or hang lamps from the ceiling. The only thing you can do? Paint the walls. It takes a good eye and expertise in interior design to pull this off. Luckily, Meme Hill knew how to make this happen!

Freshman dorm room makeover with smart renter friendly tips and tricks

Dorm room makeover with removable wallpaper and bright white color palette, gold interior decor and smart storage solutions

Choosing the look

First they started with choosing the right look. Girl's were interested in a classic grey, white & gold color scheme with accents of blush pinks. A beautiful and elegant interior color palette that is hard to get tired of. Here you can see how part of the room looked before. All kinds of terrible, right? Dorm room before picture with a maple wood closet

And here is the jaw-dropping after! Hard to believe it is the same room, but that's the beauty of interior designers. They envision themselves in your skin and use their magic to transform the space to truly reflect you!

Fab after picture of dorm room makeover for girls, bright white, grey and gold color interior decor in white interior with blush pink and grey plush pillows

Renter friendly room makeover

Meme Hill has smartly masked the overwhelming maple wood with a few simple tricks. One of which is to cover these big wood closets with removable wallpaper! Grey Speckle removable wallpaper to be exact. The removable wallpaper unexpectedly did two jobs at once - masked the wood color and actually made the room appear bigger! Because of wallpaper's white background it blended with the color of the walls into one large space. Pro renter's tip to keep in mind!

Dorm room work space, desk area with wood furniture, white and gold interior decor and desk accessories

Closet makeover with removable wallpaper, diy closet remodel with self adhesive peel and stick wallpaper

Close up of removable wallpaper installed in closet

Full room tour

To see the full room tour and more detailed tips on how this room came together, please visit Meme Hill's blog post! Beautiful room transformation images were photographed by Kristin Leighten.

College dorm room storage closet space organisation ideas

Have you done similar room or furniture makeovers with our removable wallpaper? We'd love to see! Reach out to us via e-mail or tag us on Instagram, we're always over the moon to see your beautiful projects!

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