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Eclectic Bohemian Bedroom Styled 3 Ways

If you love a mix of patterns and black & white interiors, this bedroom design will give you some serious interior styling inspo. This room could be described as mix of tropical farmhouse with touch of maximalism & mid-century modern design elements. Truly eclectic, huh? But we LOVE every corner of it, as we're sure you will too! Make sure to check out this room tour to find out how much a simple thing as bed linen and decorative pillows can change the vibe of the room!
Modern boho bedroom tour + tips for styling an eclectic boho master bedroom with removable wallpaper and blush pink decor

1. Classic Scandi Boho Bedroom Styling

These first two images features a more classic approach of the tropical farmhouse meets scandi boho interior with neutral base color palette, consisting of black, white, beige and warm toned colors. This more classical design style is achieved with a mix of black and white patterns and brass interior decor elements. The wallpaper used in this project is the Tropical Palm Leaves Removable Wallpaper in Self Adhesive Material from our Urban Jungle Collection. Keeping all the patterns in same color palette allows to achieve an eclectic vibe without injecting too many colors in the interior. The added textures from the painted wood, the carpet and the bed linen also make the room appear more interesting and well thought-out.
Modern tropical farmhouse bedroom interior with black and white color palette and warm pink and red accents and room decorModern boho bedroom bed styling with decorative pillows, throw blankets, art prints and tropical removable wallpaper

2. Eclectic Boho Bedroom With Soft Bohemian Styling

This is a spectacular example on how much the overall look of the bedroom interior can change by just switching up the cushions and throw blanket! Even though these are the only things that have been changed in the room, it immediately appears softer. By simply adding more blush pink decors, you can give the same room a more feminine vibe. Don't forget to play around with the texture of the decors, to avoid it becoming too 'flat' looking. You can easily re-decorate your bedroom according to the seasons or even your mood, just by switching up the cushions on your bed - simple as that! And did you notice that it's the same throw blanket, just reversed? How clever!
Blush pink and black boho bedroom interior with tropical wallpaper and color block wall artModern master bedroom interior with bohemian and tropical design style and palm leaves removable wallpaper

3. Modern Boho Bedroom With Colorful & Eclectic Styling

And lastly, if colorful interior is your vibe, then this room styling will be perfect inspiration for you! Here we have a mix of both styles above, featuring blush tones as well as mix of black and white patterned pillows, however we have a third key styling element - the vintage rug! Yeah, we know those are mainly used on floors, but how amazing it looks on the bed?! Besides, the main idea that should be taken from this is that red does work with pink, especially in a mix like this. So if you love colors, but are afraid to commit to a long-term relationship, inject them in your home interior with accessories. Go bold with throw blankets, decorative pillows and even curtains or bed linen! Remember that these are the things that you can easily switch up when you're done with them. And can easily re-style them in a different way later in the year when a new inspiration strikes! Don't be afraid to go wild!
Eclectic style mix bedroom interior with bohemian decor, vintage rug and tropical removable wallpaper by Livettes
I hope you enjoyed these styling tips and found them useful! We always love to see what you guys create, and if you wish to share your beautiful interior creations with others, make sure to message us, we're sure everyone would love to see them, too!

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