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Modern Woodland Theme Nursery Interior

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have spotted a sneak peek of this gorgeous nursery a while ago. As our Delicate Herringbone removable wallpaper is one of the most popular choices for nursery interiors, we love to share these beautiful baby room inspirations with you guys! This particular nursery has a modern twist on a woodland theme mixing just the right amount of whimsy and sophistication, and, you guys, we can't get enough of it! If you are planning a baby nursery and want to save some long-term kid's room design ideas to your Pinterest board, make sure to tour this amazing nursery and get inspired!

Modern woodland theme nursery for baby boy with herringbone removable wallpaper, moose art print, and colorful area rug.

This nursery was designed by Melissa Jill, for her son Beau. Interestingly this whole nursery interior started with a moose. A request for a moose theme, that is, from her husband who grew up in Alaska and wanted to add a touch of it in his son's nursery as well. And so Melissa's search for the perfect moose themed baby room turned into a modern approach of a woodland theme nursery, which we can't get enough of!

Baby crib with wooden baby mobile, accent pillows, herringbone removable wallpaper, fiddle leaf fig tree and moose themed crib sheets.

The neutral color palette of the interior gives a sophisticated touch and the subtle hints of the woodland theme allows for the baby to grow into it. You could easily switch the crib to a toddler or even a tween bed, and this room would still be perfectly suited for any of these ages!

Gender neutral baby room with white rocking chair, colorful accents, removable wallpaper and forest animal theme.

The neutral color palette also makes this a perfect gender neutral nursery inspo. It has the accents of pale pink and the indigo blue, which naturally work pretty well for both genders. If you however would want a bit more distinct emphasis, you could add bit more of the blue or pink and here you go! Because of the neutral nursery color palette, it's as easy as that.

Forest animal theme nursery with modern interior, colorful area rug, white crib, floating shelves and removable wallpaper.

Melissa chose our Delicate Herringbone removable wallpaper as a subtle backdrop behind the crib. She went for self adhesive wallpaper and this wall needed 8 wallpaper panels to be covered completely. If you have read one of our latest blog posts of the wallpaper material comparison, you may know that we offer two wallpaper materials and the widths of the panels differ. This at the end gives a different final look for the same pattern. If you are considering this wallpaper design for your next project and wish to compare pattern sizes, check out this minimal boho nursery, where the same design has been used, but in traditional wallpaper material.

Nursery floating shelves with colorful books, art display.

Using books as an art is a very popular [and may I add, smart] thing to do! Children's books come with beautifully illustrated covers and when put on floating shelves, which of course is another major trend right now, just comes together in an amazing but still functional gallery wall. We love the attention to detail that Melissa has put into this space and we are very sure that her husband is equally happy with how his request has turned out!

Black and white herringbone removable wallpaper in baby nursery with white crib, watercolor moose art print and fox rattan basket.

If you wish to see more details of this nursery and shop the look, visit Melissa's blog and make sure to leave a comment if you like this nursery interior as much as we do!

Photography by Rennai Hoefer.

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