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Neutral Girl's Bedroom Design With Wildflower Foliage Wallpaper

Neutrals never go out of style and this cute girl’s bedroom interior proves it. Neutral colors and interior elements have always been one of our favourite styles as you can easily get creative and play with the interior to achieve so many different moods of the room. This lovely project is done my amazing Holly from @thevandorpfamily. Make sure to check out Holly’s profile to get more lovely neutral interior ideas and keep reading this blog post to learn more about the details of this bedroom project.

Neutral girl's bedroom design featuring wildflower foliage removable wallpaper

We love how textured and warm this interior looks from the pictures alone. The beige color scheme really flows together nicely creating this magical interior. For this project Holly have used our Wildflower Foliage wallpaper design in the self adhesive wallpaper. To finish this project there where only 7 wallpaper panels required. Our self adhesive wallpaper material is rental friendly and really gets the job done when installing the wallpaper as it is peel and stick kind of wallpaper which does not require any wallpaper glue or paste while actually installing the wallpaper. It takes so little time, however the impact that the wallpaper gives to the whole interior is huge.

Neutral interior mood board with removable wallpaper design

The most fun part of any interior project is the brainstorming and visualisation on how you would like the final result to look and then seeing how it actually looks and if all of your desires have been achieved. Mood boards or any other visualisation is the key point with whom you need to start when planning an interior project. Some of the things that are in your head might not look so spectacular when put on paper, that is why planing, sketching and making visuals are the key. Holly really drew our attention with her amazing mood board which really gave us the confidence that the final result of this project will be amazing and it surely is!

Beige color girl's room interior with floral wallpaper design

Interior design is one of the first things that catches your eye when you walk in someones home. We love how interior can speak before even saying a word and it really shows the person from a completely different aspect. Holly has done absolutely fantastic job when styling this interior mixing some textures and boldly staying in the beige color tones throughout the whole interior. It is so soft and beautiful and we can’t get enough.

Neutral interior design girls bedroom

Make sure to visit our collections for more neutral wallpaper designs like this for your own home interior and don’t hesitate to reach out to us regarding your home projects as we are always happy to create the interior of your dreams together.

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