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2022 Interior Color Inspiration

How about starting the new year with a burst of color and interior inspiration? Our designers at Livette's Wallpaper have created three fresh color mood boards for your 2022 interior project inspiration – each in a different theme and style – from eclectic to minimal, to bohemian.
Interior colors inspiration board for 2022

We ended 2021 with a blog post about "2022 Colors of the Year" and felt inspired by the wonderful grey-green shade, that is subtle enough to be used in many ways and paired with different colors and palettes. With their 2022 Color Palette, Benjamin Moore encouraged people to be creative and play around with color pairings to create different interior moods. We decided to take the challenge and create three contrasting 2022 color mood boards to explore how Benjamin Moore's 2022 Color of the Year "October Mist 1495" can be used in different interior styles. To make the task even more exciting, we also chose Livette's Wallpaper 2022 Pattern of The Year Green London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper to be included in all mood boards. And another rule – we are creating an interior for a living room. One color, one wallpaper pattern, one room, and a dose of creativity – it's time to reveal what our designers have come up with!


Eclectic pastels interior colors inspiration for 2022

The green-grey "October Mist 1495" is a delicate color by itself, it's not bright or aggressive, quite the opposite, that's why it can be beautifully paired with a wide range of pastel colors to create an elegant and harmonious interior. In this color mood board, it's accompanied by a warm white, a compelling denim blue, patio with a hint of pink, and a classic, bright yellow. Together they create a fresh, and almost spring-like palette – soft white and a subtle green with accents of blooming patio and yellow, complimented by the darker and sophisticated blue. The great thing about eclectic style is that it can be done in almost any color family, also this elegant pastel palette. And if the colors are subtle, we have room to play with patterns and shapes. Off-white and sage green in the Green London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper color, patio pink "Vera Sofa" with a Hollywood Regency-inspired silhouette, 1940s style dark blue scalloped-back "Tulip Chair" pair perfectly with playful and blooming yellow "Scallop Rug". Colorful throw pillows in different shapes and materials and gold in the decorative mirrored trays, fringe pendant, and marble coffee table tie everything together to create a luxurious and eclectic vibe.

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1. Green London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper
2. Oahu Fringe Pendant | Anthropologie
3. The Nude Art Print | Livette's Wallpaper
4. UGG® Coco Luxe Square Throw Pillow | Bed Bath & Beyond
5. Leaf Jute Throw Pillow | Zara Home
6. Vera Sofa | Anthropologie
7. Leavenworth Marble Coffee Table | Anthropologie
8. Decorative Mirrored Tray | Zara Home
9. Hand-Tufted Scallop Rug | Anthropologie
10. Tulip Chair | Anthropologie
11. USB Rechargeable Spotlight | Zara Home
12. Pistachio Green Velvet Round Cushion | Design Milk
13. Gilded Rim Coupe | Anthropologie


2022 Modern Bohemian interior colors mood board

Whenever you think of green, all the browns and earthy tones comes in mind right away because it is such a great combination. Just like in nature – brown from wood and sand, greens from the plants and leaves – a simple but loved color combination that fits perfectly with a bohemian style interior. Main colors for this mood board together with the muted green "October Mist 1495" are various shades of earthy browns, off-white and black, and a hint of violet to freshen up this well known color combination. The minimal brown leather sofa and charming accent chair compliments the sage Green London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper, and together they create almost a modern mid-century vibe. Tufted pillow, a handwoven rug with a modern and striking, minimalist design, round woven basket, sage table lamp with a sculptural ceramic base, and round coffee table with a wave-like woodgrain pattern running through it add bohemian feeling to the interior. The lilac-toned handcrafted candelabra is a beautiful addition to the room, and together with rustic light purple candles, freshen up the earthy-toned interior.

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1. Green London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper
2. Reese Cane Ceiling Light | Crate&kids
3. Abstract Nude Art Print | Livette's Wallpaper
4. Throw Pillow Case Cover | Wallmart
5. Tufted Lulu Pillow | Anthropologie
6. Edlyn Leather Chaise Sectional | Anthropologie
7. Artificial Decorative Olive | Amazon
8. Franka Candelabra | Anthropologie
9. Nausica Round Coffee Table | Anthropologie
10. Sharnee Accent Chair | Lulu and Georgia
11. Val Speckled Glass Candle | Anthropologie
12. Sage Table Lamp | Anthropologie
13. Round Basket With Lid | Zara Home
14.Handwoven Naya Rug | Anthropologie
15. Pistachio Green Velvet Round Cushion | Design Milk


Bold Minimalism 2022 color inspiration mood board

"October Mist 1495" is a very soft and light green color, the hint of grey gives it almost a monochrome feeling, and that's why it pairs well with black and white to create a minimal interior design. With this color mood board, we wanted to show that minimal interiors do not always have to be in a neutral color palette – they can also be bold and fun, playing with form and shape. From the grey-green to a dark emerald, various shades of green, off-white, and black are the core colors of this palette. Green London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper in sage green and off white is a perfect pattern for minimal interiors – subtle jet eye-catching. Statement piece of this interior is Karim Rashid's emerald green Chelsea sofa. Feminine, soft, and organic design sofa, white and bold plant pot, black, minimal pendant, round velvet cushion, and grey-green knot pillow mimics the round and flowing lines of the Green London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper and compliment them. Geometric pattern rug in black and off-white, metallic magazine rack, and black & white “The Kiss Art Print” are contrasting accents to the greener and feminine forms and complete the bold minimalism interior.

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1. Green London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper
2. Flowerpot VP2 pendant | Finnish Design Shop
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5. Chelsea sofa | BoConcept
6. Lato LN8 coffee table | Finnish Design Shop
7. Uranus rug | Finnish Design Shop
8. Nappula plant pot | Finnish Design Shop
9. Magbag magazine rack | Finnish Design Shop
10. Pistachio Green Velvet Round Cushion | Design Milk
11. Plain Beat throw | Finnish Design Shop

We loved creating these color mood boards because they show how diverse the same color or wallpaper pattern can be when styled differently. Which mood board was your favorite? And would you like to see more of “one color, one wallpaper, three different interiors" challenges? Let us know in the comments below! We hope that we inspired you for your upcoming 2022 interior projects!

Betty Designer at Livette's Wallpaper

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