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5 Home Office Trends Of The Year

5 Home Office Trends Of 2023
While the world is healing and opening again after the pandemic years, working from home is still becoming more popular. As in some work places it is becoming more permanent, having your own home office space is becoming one of the biggest trends. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of families and young adults nowadays choose to buy homes outside of the city center to have more space and create their own work environment. Keep reading this post to get to know five home office trends of 2023 to get inspired by, when planning your home work space design.

1. Choosing The Right Home Office Colors

Bright Pink Wallpaper Home Office Trends Of 2023 Choosing The Right Color
Color can play a big role in influencing our mood, creativity and even productivity, especially when spending a large portion of the day in this space. When planning your home office design and colors, think about the mood you want to set for yourself. If your work requires to be energized and creative a suggestion is to opt for brighter colors. But if having a calmer energy is important for you, then picking lighter colors in the design can be the right choice for you. To add a playful and brighter touch to your home office, having one of the wall designs in a more eye-catching color as in the Home Office project by Joelle above, where she has used Livette's Wallpaper Pink Paintbrush Maze Removable Wallpaper can give a perfect pairing for both calming and energetic atmosphere.

2. Sustainability And Repurposing

Tropical Home Office Theme Home Office Trends Of 2023 Sustainability And Repurposing
While sustainability nowadays is becoming more important, choosing to use second hand furniture is a great way to show care for our planet. Further more as vintage/retro design is a trend in 2023, using older furniture and giving them a fresh look, will give you a stylish home office design. This home office project in the photo above by Amanda shows a clever way how repurposing the furniture in your bedroom, adding a pop of color, eye catching detail and Modern Delicate Herringbone Removable Wallpaper can give you a welcoming home office area.

3. Statement Background

Gourmet Destination Inspired Wallpaper Home Office Trends Of 2023 Statement Background
One of the major trends in home offices is the importance of having a well-organised background for video call with colleagues and clients. Furthermore, as social media along with other platforms are used for work at home environment, having a stylish and memorable background for content creation is important to stand out. When these days, for example, a lot of chefs are creating a professional image on social media platforms, having a trendy and eye catching kitchen area is a must. If specialising in seafood, choosing a playful and vibrant wallpaper design as Navy Lobster Removable Wallpaper from the new Livette's Wallpaper Gourmet Destinations Inspired collection seen in the photo above, will definitely give the right message to your audience and create a statement kitchen space.

4. Small But Personalized Office Space

Tropical Design Wallpaper Home Office Trends Of 2023 Small But Personalized Space
If you don't have a separate room at home for office space, separating a designated work area with a different pop of color or detail can make it stand out. Having an accent wall with Monochrome Tropical Design Wallpaper
behind your work desk as seen in the home office project by Ashley above can be a great option to create a personalized work space. Another idea for DIY home office project can be adding a statement accent wallpaper in wall panelling to create an eye-catching zone. If you don't have an existing wall panelling in your home office space, another creative way to add accent to the wall is to add wallpaper in slices and frame it, giving it an artistic touch.

5. Statement Home Office Desk

Piano Pattern Removable Wallpaper Home Office Trends Of 2023 Statement Home Office Desk
Putting the desk in the centre of your home office will definitely give a power look. Planning your office space can be very important when it comes to setting the right mood and motivation for work. Not only it needs to be welcoming, inspiring and pleasant to the eye, it needs to be comfortable and functional. If placing your work desk in the centre of the room feels just like the boss move you need in your home office life, consider having an accent wall behind the desk to enhance the power look even further. Perhaps having a wallpaper in music theme such as this Abstract Piano Pattern Removable Wallpaper as seen in the home office project by Anna above is just your style?
Thank you for reading this post. We hope these 5 home office trends of 2023 will help you with ideas to create the right home office style for you that will be both welcoming and inspiring.

Livette's Wallpaper Blogger Ginta

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