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African Style Interior Design - What To Know And How To Master It

African Style Interior Design - What To Know And How To Master It
If you are all about creating a unique interior style at home or in any corporate environment and love a warm and extraordinary look, then the African style interior design can be something to consider. The fun and interesting design with an exotic touch is definitely an interior style that will bring attention to every detail. In this blog post we will go through details about the African style interior design and how to master it.

Nature, Culture, Wild Animals

African Jungle And Animal Themed Wallpaper
Each continent might inspire designers in creating slightly different interior designs. However, Africa as a continent definitely is highly associated with its beautiful nature, the culture, the amazing craftsmanship and the wildlife. It is a beautiful, extraordinary place that shows us more of the natural world than any other continent might. Therefore, common details that you can find in African style interior design definitely are patterns and decor representing the culture and the wild nature. If you love a touch of wild animals and an exotic jungle vibe, then the Safari Jungle Wall Mural from the Mama Africa Wall Mural Collection above can be a perfect addition to your bold and colorful African inspired interior style.
Africa Nature And Animal Print Wallpaper
The African inspired design can bring you to a colorful nature inspired interior. And not always it needs to be in bold and vivid color schemes. As African style interior design is also created in warm earthy colors to make a lighter welcoming environment, some more neutral and warmer colors can be chosen when creating the African inspired interior style as we can see above. As animal theme is very common in newborn, toddler and kids room design, it can be a very fun and interesting choice to create an African themed nursery design. In the photo above we can see the newly added Hand Drawn Safari Animals Print Wallpaper from the Mama Africa Kids Wallpaper Collection, giving a fun safari themed nursery interior.

How To Master It

The African inspired interior style can include a lot of texture, natural material and eye-catching, colorful patterns. While interior designers inspire from this continent differently based on the diverse regions, there are some details that might be common in different regions and countries of Africa. Here will be some interior decor details to include for an African style inspired interior design.

Wallpaper Patterns

Africa Inspired Neutral Warm Color Wallpaper Pattern
An efficient way of giving the room a specific interior style is by using wallpaper. For African style interior design, you might want to look at patterns and designs that represent the rich culture of this continent. For a lighter and warmer African inspired interior design, our Neutral Decorative Symbols Print Wallpaper from the Mama Africa Collection can be just what you need to create an eye-catching yet slightly grounding accent wall as seen above. Make sure to check out the whole newly added Mama Africa Collection to view the beautiful and unique work of art designs in different styles by Amalia.

Colors In The Interior

Africa Inspired Interior Design Colors And Wallpaper Design
When it comes to colors, African style interior design includes a lot of earthy tones from nature, including the different shades of brown, green, nudes, orange, yellow and some splashes of more vivid tones. You might choose to create a warmer nature inspired design that would include colors such as white, brown, black as base and shades of red and orange, reflecting on the wow-factor African sunsets. Or if you would like to go with a bolder design, colors you might consider could be the above seen sandy hazelnut as base color, combined with orange, pink, green and blue for that African chic interior style. In the photo above we can see the fun Garden of Africa Removable Wallpaper from the Mama Africa Collection giving that luxurious, wow-factor look, combined with lighter hazelnut tone furniture and details for contrast.

Natural Elements

Natural Element In Africa Inspired Interior
African interior style is about reflecting harmony with nature. When decorating an African themed interior style, you can definitely add some decor and furniture made of natural material. A material commonly used in this interior style is wood, therefore, think about including furniture such as a wooden, textured table, closet, statement wooden bed frame, unique shaped wooden chair. Other materials to include are stone, clay, straw and leaves. A uniquely shaped vase from clay, handmade plated baskets and lamp shades, African themed decor from stone will all definitely compliment the interior style. In the photo above we can see the Tribal Masks Pattern Wallpaper from the Mama Africa Kids Wallpaper Collection, giving an eye-catching addition to the African style interior design.

Textile And Texture

Africa Inspired Interior Textile
Textile can play a big role in this extraordinary interior style, adding a pop of color and texture to the interior. Not only the colors and materials matter, but the pattern and shape as well. Geometric, tribal artistic and nature inspired patterns are the key of African themed textile decor. Some of the African-inspired fabrics commonly used in interior decor are mudcloth textile, batik and kuba textile. Curtains, pillowcases, kitchen table runners, bed covers in these materials with African inspired patterns can add character to the interior style. Furthermore, harder material rugs, plated baskets, lampshades, showing the strong craftsmanship of Africa, will give a strong detail and texture in African inspired interior. In the photo above we can see the Midnight Botanica Removable Wallpaper from the Mama Africa Collection.
We hope this blog post about the extraordinary African style interior design and how to create it through patterns, colors, materials and decor will give you inspiration in creating your unique African inspired interior design. Make sure to visit our newly added Mama Africa collection to find your perfect wallpaper design for this gorgeous interior style.
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