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Black & White Nursery Designs

Black & White Nursery Designs
It is said that newborns can only see around 10-12 inches clearly as their retina has not completely developed, therefore, in the first weeks it is important to support the baby's brain and visual development. Research has proven that contrasting black and white colors register the strongest on a baby's retina, meaning that shapes in these colors send stronger signals to their brain. As introducing black and white contrasting color combinations in the first weeks in baby's everyday environment and activities is important for baby's visual stimulation, in this blog post we will be looking at beautiful black and white nursery interior designs to inspire from and details that can be included in these colors.

Wallpaper Pattern

Dotted nursery wallpaper for black and white design
When we think of nursery interior design and where to incorporate contrasting black and white colors and patterns that would be the most visible to the newborn to teach the eye muscles and brain to function and coordinate daily, we definitely think about walls of the room. Walls provide us with a lot of space for creativity and opportunity to create contrasting black and white patterns with wallpaper. In the photo above we can see the beautiful black and white nursery design by Rebecca from @maisonellieinteriors. Rebecca has incorporated our Dotted Bohemian Kids Room Wallpaper to introduce a contrasting black and white pattern within the interior as an accent wall behind baby's crib allowing the baby to view the interesting pattern everyday.
If you are looking for cool black and white patterns for your nursery design, make sure to visit our Black & White Kids Wallpaper collection.
Black and white piano pattern nursery wallpaper
Continuing with the opportunities of creating a contrasting black and white wall art, above we can see the nursery project by Taylor where she has used our Abstract Piano Pattern Removable Wallpaper to introduce stronger contrasting black and white patterns to stimulate baby's visual development. Black and white wallpaper not only will register stronger to the baby's retina and send stronger signals to the brain, resulting in brain growth and visual development, but it is a very gender neutral and timeless color palette that can serve for years to come as well. To browse more of our black and white wallpaper options, visit our Black And White Wallpaper collectinion. 

Decor And Furniture

Chic black and white nursery interior design
As it is important to introduce black and white contrasting colors in baby's everyday activities, another option to incorporate shapes and patterns that would stimulate baby's optic nerves development is toys. Introducing interesting toys in black and white colors to your baby will build their interest to them more as they will be more eye-catching to them and allow their playful time to as well stimulate their visual development. Above we can see the chic nursery interior by Hilary where she has included toys and items in black and white colors. A contrasting color rug that we can see above, can definitely as well give an interesting visual detail to catch baby's attention.
Black and white checkers removable wallpaper nursery design
Furthermore, incorporating furniture in black and white color combinations in the nursery interior will go very well with the interior and allow your baby to notice more details in the room. Hilary has chosen a beautiful statement drawer in black and white color, combined with contrasting dark and light color furniture. She has also chosen to cover the walls with our Large Checkers Removable Wallpaper For Kids Room Interior to introduce a black and white pattern throughout the nursery for everyday baby's visual development.

Art And Pictures

Delicate herringbone removable wallpaper for black and white nursery interior
Engaging black and white contrasting images can boost newborns' learning and focus. Furthermore, it is said that pictures and art showing animals can introduce and build interest in nature and wildlife early on. Nikou Design has created a beautiful nursery design seen in the photo above, where black and white pictures have been added above the crib together with our Modern Delicate Herringbone Removable Wallpaper to build baby's interest and give another eye-catching detail. If looking for more ideas of how to incorporate black and white animal themed pattern visit our Nursery Wallpaper section for animal print wallpaper options in contrasting black and white color or custom color.

Fabric Pattern

Black and white nursery design Furthermore blankets and clothes are something that a baby interacts with everyday. In first months babies will not interact strongly with beautiful pastel tones as at that stage visually babies might only see these color tones merged together. Choosing blankets and clothes during the first months after baby's birth in an interesting black and white pattern can provide a stimulating experience for baby's visual development during a large part of the day as engaging with different textures and contrasting black and white patterns can also improve baby's focus. Therefore filling a beautiful drawer, as seen in the nursery designed by Nikou Design above, with black and white contrasting clothes and blankets can be another way to introduce engaging patterns to your newborn.

Black and white is seen as a minimalistic and elegant color combination that can give a nursery interior a modern and timeless feeling and most importantly it is a color combination that will be beneficial to your baby's visual growth. We hope this blog post will allow your imagination to fly and help you with ideas to create your perfect black and white nursery design.

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