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Colorful & Eclectic Powder Room Inspiration | Mood Board Monday

Modern lemon themed powder room interior with blue, blush pink and yellow color scheme with colorful neon accents and art deco style vanity.
Spring is finally here and the beautiful blue skies and sunshine has inspired us to come up with a fun and colorful powder room design, featuring our Baby Blue Lemon Blossoms Wallpaper! If you're one who loves pastel colors and you let your interior design imagination run wild, especially when it comes to small spaces, this Mood Board Monday blog is for you! Browse through to shop the whole look!
We have to be honest that this colorful bathroom interior was partly inspired by the currently blooming lemon tree in our studio. It brings up the idea of all the beautiful sights of Sorrento in Italy when lemon trees bloom and the streets are filled with the beautiful lemon blossom scent. But while the world is still in lockdown and we can only dream about our desired trip to Italy, we can surely bring a dose of Italy in our interior! In a modern way, this citrus fruit is such an amazing decor element, and has inspired the whole concept of the room.
Small spaces such as powder rooms, closets and laundry rooms are the perfect place to go wild with your interior design ideas. Because of this reason we chose to create this bathroom design with lots of bright pastels, sleek brass hardware and light grey marble tile for a more subtle touch. The Baby Blue Lemons Wallpaper from our Modern Bohemian Collection can be installed in various ways. The wallpaper can be installed either as a backdrop for the vanity, or wallpapered only on the top half of the wall above wall paneling or tiles; or you can wallpaper the whole room and even ceiling if you're going for a more impactful look! Either way, we believe that mixing the light blue and yellow toned wallpaper with light pink, peach and yellow pastel decors and accents as well as more prominent shades of these colors will give the room that eclectic vibe. The marble tile and vanity counter top however serves as a neutral element to calm the overall look slightly thus allowing your eyes to travel through the space to appreciate each decor element and color on it's own. The macrame baskets (perfect for holding extra towels, toilet paper or some reading material) as well as the dip-dyed pendant lamp brings a little bohemian feel to the room, making it more casual and perfectly counteracting with the luxury of the marble tiles and countertop. The brass hardware also adds a bit of chic to the interior, while working perfectly in pair with light wood mirror and art frame. What's amazing is that the decors have been selected from only 3 stores - Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters & of course Livette's Wallpaper, thus helping with the current delivery anxiety! See below to shop the whole look!
Colorful bathroom remodel interior inspiration with pastel color scheme, lemon tree removable wallpaper and boho chic style interior decor and marble tiles


1. Baby Blue Lemons Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper

2. Dip-Dyed Pendant Light | Urban Outfitters

3. Sunrise Surfing Art Print | Livette's Wallpaper

4. Minu Arc Wall Mirror | Urban Outfitters

5. Tutti Pot | Anthropologie

6. Brewer Bath Towel Collection | Anthropologie

7. Kiko Bath Mat | Urban Outfitters

8. Macrame Catch-All Baskets | Urban Outfitters

9. Lacquered Regency Powder Bathroom Vanity | Anthropologie

We are always curious to hear your thoughts! Would you dare try this lemon tree inspired eclectic interior mix in your powder room? Which of the interior elements do you think really brings the design together? Let us know your thoughts!

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