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Decorating tips - Urban Jungle style

This weeks post is dedicated to Urban Jungle style decorations. Doesn't matter if you are just looking for an advice on how to decorate your home or simply starting to set up everything from point zero - these tips and tricks will ease the way to your desired interior look!

Tip No. 1 - Establish a color scheme

Minimal interior design with urban jungle style bedding

When it’s time for decorations - the first step is to create a color scheme of your interior. With that set in place you will be able to create a perfect visual harmony but be sure to choose one accent color and few base colors. Combine these tones so that they compliment each other.

Tip No. 2 - Choose materials and textiles

Minimal interior design with light oak furniture

Next step - look for natural material combinations. Dark green, white and black looks great with gold and natural wood elements. Also, don't forget about natural textiles such as cotton or linen. Check out our last weeks inspiration Monday Mood board here for more inspiration!

Tip No. 3 - Bring in houseplants

Paper Storage Bag by Uashmama

Houseplants definitely are “must have” elements. Not only they refresh the whole look but also will break down the boundary between city and nature. And let's not forget the fresh air that they provide!

Tip No. 4 - Use alternatives

Green glass and gold color interior accesories

For those who don't wish to fill their houses with plants - there is an alternative. Use decorative elements that reflect nature shapes, textures, and colors. For smaller objects choose accent colors such as gold that will make them stand out. The contrast between wood and warm gold color will give a more modest neutral feel with a touch of luxury.

Tip No. 5 - Art prints

Modern and minimal botanic watercolor art prints

Printed floral or animal images can also help you to imitate the forest atmosphere. The most trending print designs are drawings or watercolor art pieces because of their authentic look. Use more than one design to create a perfect layout on your wall or shelf.

Tip No. 6 - Animal theme objects and patterns

Gold dragonfly curtain tie-backs decor for urban jungle style

Finish decorating your home in urban jungle style by including an animal shaped objects and patterns. There are numerous products and accessories in animal theme available - from a beautiful jungle, floral or contemporary style pillows to curtain tie-backs, trays, and wallpapers. Go wild and fill your home with nature!

Hope this decoration tip post inspired you to recreate Urban Jungle style in your home! If you have other tips or advice on how to decorate home in this style - write it down in a comment section!

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