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Easy Ways To Bring Outdoors Into Your Home

Easy Ways To Bring Outdoors Into Your Home
The great outdoors has a natural appeal to us humans. The outdoor elements naturally make us feel calmer, refreshed and energized. As spring has arrived with all its gifts including the warmer weather, sunshine and blooming nature, we might crave to bring some of these outdoor elements inside our home to gain some of the spring energy while spending time inside as well. To give you some inspiration here will be 6 easy ways to bring outdoors into your home for a fresh spring vibe.

Natural material furniture

Hazelnut floral interior design
One of this season's trends is the use of natural material in furniture, bringing the outdoors into your home and creating your own personal interior oasis for relaxation. Wooden details in the furniture, wooden coffee tables as seen in the photo above, not only give an eye-catching detail and some pop of color for contrast, but gives a fresh outdoor vibe. Combined with the Hazelnut Color Floral Removable Wallpaper, the room is looking fresh and decorated for the spring season.
Neutral tropical interior spring design
As seen in the photo above, a beautiful wooden shelving can give a gorgeous outdoor vibe to the room. Wooden furniture combined with other natural materials such as the eye-catching colored marble in the photo above can add a luxurious touch and a sense of warmth in the room. Furthermore, natural stones such as marble and granite have been timeless in interior design for a time, but this year it is expected to become more trendy and be used not only in the kitchen or bathroom but throughout the home. Combine your furniture with tropical inspired wallpaper as the Neutral Tropical Design Wallpaper In Fog Color seen in the photo above to enhance the outdoorsy atmosphere.

Natural elements in interior decor

Boho interior decor design
Including natural elements in interior decor is another great way to bring a sense of outdoors in your home. Getting some beautiful shaped clay vases in warm tones and styling them with some boho dried floral arrangement can give a very exotic outdoors touch to your home interior. This season's trend also is the usage of unusual shapes and body-shaped decor. Therefore, if looking for some chic and modern vases perhaps a vase in body-shape in clay could be just what you are looking for.
Coastal style interior decor
As one of this season's trends is the coastal interior style, natural element decors such as seashells, starfish themed decor, and corals are a great way to bring a sense of outdoors inside in a trendy and chic way. If looking for a modern coastal interior style inspiration to do some make-over in your home, consider creating an accent wall with seaside wallpapers from Livette's Wallpaper Coastal & Nautical Collection.

Bringing the smell of nature inside

Neutral print spring wallpaper design
To enhance more of our senses, think about incorporating beautiful, mood-lifting spring scent at your home. A great and easy way to do this is to stock up some spring candles or home fragrances in your favorite scents. Some outdoorsy scents include forest wood notes, floral garden vibes, scents that would take you to the sea, coconut and fruity scents reminding more of the jungle. A trend to try this season is the scent of mint and eucalyptus giving a very refreshing feeling. Perhaps the wallpaper seen in the photo above has inspired you to give your walls a spring make-over? In the photo above we can see the Neutral Agate Print Removable Wallpaper from the Elegant Neutrals Collection that was inspired from the elements of nature, making it a perfect choice if looking to bring the feeling of outdoors into your home.
Spring floral design
Another great option to add an outdoors scent to your home are florals. Floral arrangement not only will give a pop of color to your interior, but will give a beautiful scent of the blooming nature outside. Go with a beautiful simple and minimalistic arrangement with roses or choose to go with a bouquet with different flowers for a more chic wild style. To get more inspiration on spring floral arrangements visit our Spring Florals For Each Interior Style blog post.

Sound of nature

Green palm leaves interior design
In this very modern world, almost every home might have an interactive speaker, making it even easier to play songs, get the needed information and make plans by only using our voice. To bring an outdoors feeling into your home, use your speaker to play sounds of nature for a luxurious five star relaxation that can bring you into the jungle, seaside or any other place your fantasy wants to take you to. To give your home a more tropical vibe use the Green Color Palm Leaves Design Removable Wallpaper seen in the photo above.
Sound of spring at home
If interactive speakers might not be for you, a great way to lift up your mood and bring the sunny positive outdoors feeling inside, is to listen to more spring/summer style music or some nature sound playlists for relaxation. Swap your headphones to a bluetooth speaker to bring positive sounds throughout your home and get energized for the season.

Nature inspired colors

Green botanical laundry room design
A color that definitely is associated with the outdoors is green. Green is definitely a happy color of nature, that is associated also with spring time, freshness, renewal, and growth. Therefore, incorporating this color in your interior design can definitely give a vivid outdoors feeling. As seen in the photo above the Fern Green Botanical Wildflower Removable Wallpaper used by Margie has given the laundry room a fresh breath of spring air and made it more fun and welcoming.
Neutral color herringbone spring interior design
If natural and lighter tones are more in your home interior style, then earthy tones such as beige, whites, tan, browns, grays are a great option to give your home an airy, bright spring feeling. Choosing lighter earthy colors, not only can make the room look more spacious, but is a great way to also create a trendy luxurious, hotel style interior that is one of this season's trends. In the photo above we can see the Herringbone Pattern Removable Wallpaper used by Joel to enhance the earthy vibe in this space and make it warmer and more welcoming.

Greenery and florals

Subtle floral spring home interior
One of the easiest ways to bring outdoors inside your home is to bring plants and greenery indoors. Greenery and florals will definitely give an outdoorsy vibe to your home as well as give some bright pop of colors and scent of spring. Make your home look and feel like a luxurious spa by placing plants and florals everywhere, including the bathroom as some plants thrive in a humid environment and are perfect for this space. In the photo above we can see how Shyla has done a beautiful work by bringing the spring feeling inside with refreshing plants and the Subtle Floral Removable Wallpaper.
Spring greenery interior design
A more bold and wow factor option that is a trend this season, is to bring a smaller tree in your home for an indoor oasis atmosphere. Or go with a very fresh and fruity option such as orange or lemon trees that could already bring some vibes of summer. Another trend that has been around for some time now but has started to gain its popularity back, is the vertical garden/greenery wall that can work great as an accent wall and definitely will give an exotic outdoorsy vibe to your home.

We hope these 6 easy ways to bring outdoors into your home will give you some inspiration for a chic and modern approach of adding a touch of nature inside for that blooming and refreshing spring energy.

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