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How To Choose Wallpaper For Living Room

Decorating your home can sometimes be intimidating not only because of the amount of work and time it takes up, but also because of the fact that this is how your room is going to look for the next few years at least - and if you mess up, you could be stuck with a living room you are not particularly fond of! So, here’s some hints and tips you can follow to help you choose the right wallpaper for your living room. Check out the below guidance and put it into practice when it’s time to redecorate your living room.

Wallpaper styles - Just How Many Are There?

When you are out shopping for some new wallpaper, you may notice that they are often divided into different categories known as styles - but there’s so many to choose from and a lot of overlap that it can be difficult to know which style suits the idea you have in mind for your living room. So, let’s go through the most common wallpaper styles and what effect they will have on your living room.

1. Formal

Formal interior wallpapers help bring a very elegant design to the rooms they are included in. Most formal wallpapers include very intricate patterns and designs, such as damask patterns or hand painted prints.

They tend to be very detailed and use a minimum of two colors, although some more exciting formal wallpapers can include up to three or four. Most people who include formal wallpapers into their living rooms are looking for a down to earth, comfortable atmosphere that is still very visually appealing and overall professional. Because of this, most homeowners use formal wallpapers for sitting rooms or front living rooms where they greet guests but not so much for family living areas.

Wallpaper design pictured above: Grey Peony Wallpaper

2. Country or Farmhouse

Country wallpapers are typically more plain and cozy than other styles of wallpaper and are best suited in living rooms that utilize a lot of wooden, traditional furniture. They feature patterns including plaid or gingham, and can be styled up neatly to fit along with the current trends of farmhouse style interiors.

And we definitely see a rise in interest again in country style wallpapers as the ‘cottagecore’ craze sweeps the world. More and more homeowners want to decorate their homes with light wood paneling and country wallpapers go perfectly alongside them to create a far more traditional vibe. Although they are probably too busy to fully paper a whole living room, you can paper half of each wall and then use paneling for the bottom half, or keep the country wallpaper for an accent wall instead. So, if cozy, comfortable and traditional is what you are aiming for with your living room, then perhaps a country style wallpaper would be the best fit.

Wallpaper design pictured above: Black Gingham Plaid Wallpaper

3. Modern

A popular trend in recent years has been geometric shapes and patterns and these types of wallpapers fall into the modern style. Modern wallpapers are generally more abstract than other styles of wallpaper with bold colors, defined shapes, and straight patterns.

They can vary in complexity but most decorators use modern wallpapers to bring a dab of color and character to an otherwise plain living room. Because of this, modern wall papers have the potential to transform a bland, boring living room into something more fun and exciting. They are used to liven up living rooms and make them a far more interesting room to sit in, and are best used as feature or accent walls. If you try to paper a whole room with a modern wallpaper, then it will probably become too busy and cause a few headaches if you stay there for too long.

Wallpaper design pictured above: London Metro Lines Wallpaper

4. Glam

Glam wallpapers can overlap with both modern and formal wallpapers in terms of pattern and colors, but they also have their own very distinctive style that separates them into their own category.

This is because glam wallpapers are usually embossed or flocked, or perhaps embedded with glitter or metallic gleams that give it a whole new layer of dimension and depth. Glam wallpapers are pretty distinctive and are a statement piece on their own, but some people may find them too garish for their living rooms. If you want your living room to make a statement, to be bold and leave an impression on your guests, then a glam wallpaper could be ideal for you.

Wallpaper design pictured above: Faux Gold Chevron Print Wallpaper

5. Rustic

On the opposite end of the scale, you have rustic wallpapers. This style of wallpaper includes popular designs like floorboard effects, brick walls, or plastered effects, which all work to make a living room feel way more down to earth.

They typically touch on both modern and traditional themes and can lean more heavily on either depending on what type of furniture they are matched with. However, they are known for making living rooms feel more colder but they work great for metropolitan living rooms and for creating contrast to add so much personality to your living room.

Wallpaper design pictured above: White Planks Wallpaper

Color Palette

Color is just as important as style when it comes to picking the right wallpaper for your living room as if you match the wrong colors together, you can end up creating a mess that will be an eyesore for years to come. So, think about the mood you want to create in your living room and the furniture you already have that needs to match the wallpaper.

For example, deep tones like burgundy, navy, and purple can be intimidating but they create a very regal, rich atmosphere in a living room - especially when paired with dark wooden furniture. On the other hand, pastel colors can be used in lively patterns to make a very positive vibe for your living room, especially when paired with other neutral colors like beige and white. Bold colors like orange, navy, black and white can create a very modern feel when used in strong blocks. As you can see, the color of your wallpaper can have just as much of an impact on your living room as the style!

Wallpaper design pictured above: Pastel Kaleidoscope Wallpaper


The key to finding the right wallpaper for your living room is to think about the atmosphere and vibe you want to create there. Once you have that down, you can check out the above information to help guide you towards the right style and color for your new living room wallpaper - good luck!

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