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How to: decorate with brass

Brass metal has been used in the interior and exterior of our homes for centuries. And even though architects and interior designers have been in an on-and-off relationships with this copper and zinc alloy, yet again brass takes up the stage as one of the most beloved and most widely used elements of the current interior design-scene. Ranging from deep red to golden yellow, it can be combined with almost any other material or color and is the go-to decor for any setting. Sounds almost impossible, huh? Let these 11 examples we’ve found most inspiring be the proof of that.

Brass decor in bathroom interior

Thanks to its workability, hardness, corrosion resistance and bacteriostatic properties (as well as its aesthetic appeal) brass is most commonly seen in bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Bathroom with brass elements
Kitchen fixture in brass

Brass is highly decorative and self-sufficient itself, so it goes well with simple interiors and can be the central element of the whole look. It can come off as cold and industrial but the range of brass’, from muted brushed brass to a shiny polished finish gives the opportunity to actually add warmth and vitality to your home.

Brass mirror in a dining room
Brass art frame and lamp in a dining room

Although used widely as a material for taps, door handles and light fittings, it is hard not to notice how brass is used more and more in common everyday objects, starting from kitchen utensils and office supplies to furniture components.

Brass bowls
Brass shelf elements

Even though brass is relatively affordable it can also be imitated by using brass coloured spray paint. Just look at these shelf brackets! To create a modern look, combine the industrial, yet luxurious appeal of brass with raw and natural looking materials like concrete, marble or wood, which will give an elegant, maybe even classical, yet contemporary final feel.

Brass shelf dividing elements in a living room
Brass tap and shelf in a kitchen
Brass, similarly to gold looks best if used in small amounts (less is better, so to say), however less doesn't necessarily mean small! Look at this brass-finish mirror from Cooker's Gourmet Cafe, which gives character and works as a counter-balance to the calm, pastel-toned interior.
Brass mirror in a industrial dining setting
Brass is indeed a multi-faceted material with lots of great characteristics, one of them being its ability to work with so many materials, colors and looks and bring different feel to each. Industrial and elegant, metallic yet warm, traditional but contemporary at the same time - brass isn't a temporary interior trend but a timeless solution for our ever-changing tastes in design.
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