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How To Master Top 3 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends In Your Home Interior

How To Master The Hottest Fashion Fall Winter  Trends Of 2022 In Your Home Interior

If you are a true fashion enthusiast and an interior lover, like ourselves, you must already be familiar with the hottest FW fashion trends of 2022. We always find it interesting how big is the correlation between fashion and interior design and how well one translates into the other. And because we are always excited to see how fashion trends make their way into interior design, we have picked our 3 favourite fashion trends and created guidelines on how to successfully incorporate them in your home interior!

1. Modern Elegance

Old New York style bathroom interior with modern black and white lines wallpaper, black gloss ceramic tiles, organic shape mirror and brass lighting fixtures

When we think of elegance in fashion sense, the first keywords that might spring to mind is: black, fitted, classic paired with just the right jewelry. And if you think about it in terms of interior, the same principles apply. Clean lines, elegant color palette and the right (or should we say, extraordinary) decor pieces. The trend of 2022 though is Modern Elegance, which is why we offer a little twist in your decorating game, just like you can see in the Schiaparelli Couture of Fall 2022 here below.

Schiaparelli Coutore Fashion Show Fall 2022 Season

Work with the classic base of black & white and add natural, but luxurious, textures. For example, use real wood panelling or furniture, and combine it with the classic and elegant white (or black) marble and bring in the third texture for example with handmade gloss ceramic tiles for the one of a kind look and a sophisticated texture play. And in terms of interior 'jewelry', pick the right light fixtures, ideally brass or gold, and keep them symmetrical. To add a twist, choose a mirror that is of a slightly odd shape to break the symmetry, and opt for wallpaper that has a more organic pattern for the perfect balance. In this case we have chosen our Minimal Black & White Lines Wallpaper, which still embodies the classical stripe, yet with a modern twist!

Schiaparelli fashion inspired bathroom interior mood board with old new york vibe
Shop the look:

1. Minimal Black & White Lines Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper

2. Garvey Mirror | Anthropologie

3. Claudette Frame | Anthropologie

4. Stemlite Wall Lamp In Black Chrome | Finnish Design Shop

5. Black Gloss Ceramic Wall Tiles | Lowe's

6. Gemma Towel Ring | Anthropologie

7. Montague Powder Bathroom Vanity | Anthropologie

8. Nelli Doorstop | Anthropologie

9. Organic White Cotton Bath Mat With Black Trim | CB2


2. Luxe Layers

Modern farmhouse style bedroom interior with linen, knit and fur fabrics, vintage framed art, classic peony floral wallpaper and eucalyptus greenery decor

It is almost impossible to think of Fall/Winter season and not mention layers. Funnily enough, it also applies to our interiors! What can be better than warm blankets, flowy curtains, layered pillows for the perfect cozy and inviting bedroom interior? And we believe this modern farmhouse style bedroom by @ncmodernfarmhousedesign embodies just that!

Christian Dior Couture Runway Fall 2022

To execute the Luxe Layers look, don't hesitate to play around with different materials and textures. Furthermore, this season gives you the perfect opportunity for just that - and the best part? There is very little room for error! We especially love this piece by Christian Dior Couture which is the perfect example of how well seemingly very different materials work together to create the perfect look! We took the same principles creating this mood board, by bringing together different textures, patterns and design styles, to create the perfectly layered modern farmhouse bedroom interior, choosing the Grey Peony Wallpaper as our background. If any of the pieces caught your attention, shop the list below!

Modern farmhouse bedroom mood board with floral wallpaper accent wall, vintage painting, layered textiles and fabrics as well as luxe decor pieces
Shop the look:

1. Grey Peony Design Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper

2. Trudon Cyrnos Room Spray | Net-a-porter

3. Sago Rounded Rattan Pendant Light | CB2

4. Vintage Painting Of Landscape | Etsy

5. Maeve Black Cane Bed | CB2

6. UVA Amber Stalks | CB2

7. Diptyque Feu De Bois Scendet Candle | Net-a-porter

8. Loro Piana Throw Blanket | Net-a-porter

9. Accent Throw Pillows | CB2


3. For Leather Lovers

Eclectic farmhouse style living room interior with leather armchairs, cow print wallpaper, vintage area rug and gold decor

Fall must be the favourite season for very leather lover! From this season's must-have - the leather pants to the classic leather jacket as shown in the Louis Vuitton Runway below, or the newest trend - leather trench coat, leather is the material of choice for the fall season. And for true leather lovers, we believe there is at least one leather furniture piece in their homes as well.

Louis Vuitton ready to war fashion show fall 2022

To bring the Leather Love trend in your home, keep in mind that the most iconic piece must be the leather sofa, however arm chairs or even throw pillows are just as good alternatives! And another fun way to incorporate leather in your home? With animal prints! Be it an actual cowhide rug, decorative pillows or throws, or animal print wallpaper, like the Giraffe Print Wallpaper pictured above, this is one of the ways to emphasise the leather trend in your home. In our Leather Love inspired living room mood board below, we have gone even a step further and chosen animal print candles, as well as artwork with an animal theme. We have chosen floral print vintage area rug as well as more modern style shapes and patterns to create a sophisticated and collected look.


Eclectic style farmhouse living room interior with giraffe print wallpaper, leather sofa and armchair as well as mixed design style decor pieces
Shop the look:

1. Giraffe Pattern Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper

2. Horse Illustration Art Print | Livette's Wallpaper

3. Norte Walnut Wood And Brass Chandelier | CB2

4. Cecil Black Leather Sofa | CB2

5. Insert Coffee Table In Black Stained Ash | Finnish Design Shop

6. Allure Copper Handknotted Area Rug | CB2

7. Marloe Marloe Tapered Candles | Net-a-porter

8. House Of Nomand Jet Lag Pillow | Anthropologie

9. Troubadour Saddle Leather Wood Frame Chair | CB2

We hope you enjoyed this light-hearted yet inspirational fall/winter fashion trend list and how to translate them in your home interior. We'll be happy to learn if perhaps you have done something similar or can recommend a trend that would be major for interior world, too!

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