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How to: Scandinavian interior

7 most important rules to keep in mind when designing a Scandinavian inspired interior.

Scandinavian foyer interior

1. White & light basis

First and most important rule is starting with a blank canvas - meaning, Scandinavians are all about white walls and light (or even white) floors and ceiling. It's a great base for adding pops of colour in form of wall decor, artwork or even furniture.

Scandinavian design living room

2. Neutral colour palette

Secondly remember to stick with neutral colour palette. For the base palette use whites, greys, browns and blacks. While keeping the walls and floors white, you can add different shades of brown to your interior with wooden furniture and a pop of black with that graphic gallery wall. For a softer look try blush, mint, mustard or blue shades, which are also quite a timeless choice for kids room interior.

White scandinavian interior

3. Natural lighting

Third most important rule is lighting. Firstly by allowing natural light to enter the room as much as possible. If you have beautiful large windows use sheer curtains or don't cover them up at all. And to create the right ambiance for those hygge evenings, don't forget about candles. The yellow light will add additional warmth and coziness to the room, be it family movie night or a dinner party, cannot think of a scenario where candles are not welcome!

Scandinavian design textures

4. Textures

When we talk about textures, the most common ones are of course wood, metal and different kind of textiles, such as linen, wool and sheepskins. The warmth is the key element here, the room has to look soothing while keeping its' function.

White interior decor

5. Clean lines

No cluttering, it's that simple. Scandinavian interior usually consists of few well thought out accessories. Say you're a traveller? Scandinavia meets Morocco is one of my most favourite combinations. Moroccan plates as a decor for dining room, or black and white gallery wall with your favourite travel moments. White walls will complement your travel collectibles very well. And this can be a chance to add a splash of colour to your interior!

Greenery interior

6. Go green.

Scandinavians like to bring outdoors indoors, so greenery is the key. Here you can go wild with whatever you prefer - cacti, cut flowers, giant snake plants or banana plants, visit the local market or houseplant store and pick your favourites. And the next fun part - choosing decorative pots, either go with this year's top choice - terracotta pots, or visit the thrift store for something extraordinary.

Scandinavian design kitchen with geometric wallpaper

7. Patterns

To add depth use patterns. The most important thing is to keep them simple and go with the same colour family. Different geometrics in black and white is very popular and for a reason - it's very hard do to go wrong with it. Create an accent spot in your interior with a patterned wallpaper and add clash of patterns with throw pillows, blankets, rugs and even tableware. Just because it's Scandinavian, it doesn't mean it has to be all white. So have fun and add a personality to the room!

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