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Interior Design Ideas For Board & Batten With Wallpaper

Interior Design Ideas For Board & Batten With Wallpaper

If you are looking to give your board and batten interior some pop of color and pattern, do not worry, as wallpaper does not need a whole clear wall, and board and batten with wallpaper above will give you that eye-catching detail you were looking for to create that new interior look. In this blog post we will go through different interiors and board and batten ideas to give you some inspiration for your perfect board and batten with wallpaper look.



Tropical Palm Leaves Removable Wallpaper

Do you have a board and batten bedroom interior and are looking for board and batten accent wall ideas with an added tropical touch? You might love the board and batten with wallpaper bedroom project seen above by Home Design w/ Chayce + Hannah with the Tropical Palm Leaves Removable Wallpaper from the Urban Jungle Collection giving an elegant black and white bedroom interior with an added jungle vibe.

Dark Vintage Flower Bouquet Removable Wallpaper

For a slightly moodier and bohemian modern board and batten wall ideas for this season, above we can see the floral board and batten interior walls in the stunning bedroom project by Carrie with the Dark Vintage Flower Bouquet Removable Wallpaper from the Modern Victorian Collection. We love how the daring dark garden wallpaper creates a perfect balance with the board and batten.



Light Grey Botanical Foliage Removable Wallpaper

If you love a nursery wainscoting look but want to give it some colorful detail, adding wallpaper can make all the difference. As seen in the airy and bright nursery with wainscoting project above by Helen, even a more simple, lighter foliage wallpaper - Light Grey Botanical Foliage Removable Wallpaper from the Modern Farmhouse Collection can give the interior an eye-catching and fun detail, if wainscoting nursery and adding some patterns above is your plan.

Make sure to visit our Grey Kids Wallpaper Collection as this wallpaper collection will give you a plenty of grey neutral nursery ideas for your own interior design featuring some grey wallpaper for kids room.

Light Grey Banana Leaf Removable Wallpaper

Above we can see another fun outdoorsy style board and batten nursery example. In this board and batten wall with wallpaper project we can see the Light Grey Banana Leaf Removable Wallpaper from the Tropical Wallpaper collection adding a joyful jungle touch to the board and batten nursery wall for a little adventure theme nursery interior look.

Kids Room

Vintage Floral Design Removable Wallpaper

If you are looking to add a feminine and delicate detail to a board & batten girls room interior, applying an airy floral style wallpaper with board and batten such as the Vintage Floral Design Removable Wallpaper from the Floral & Botanical Wallpaper collection in the girls bedroom project by Klaudia above, can be a perfect option. We love how timeless and welcoming the vintage style girls bedroom interior has turned out with all of the neutral and warm color choices.

Delicate Floral Design Removable Wallpaper

For some more colorful board and batten wall ideas, above we can see the dazzling kids bedroom project by Here to Stay Interiors. We love the cheerful and eye-catching blue board and batten combination with the elegant black and white floral wallpaper - Delicate Floral Design Removable Wallpaper from the Bohemian Girl's Bedroom Wallpaper collection, that creates a perfect balance and adds a feminine touch.



Simple Herringbone Removable Wallpaper In Black

Are you thinking about giving a makeover to your hallway with wallpaper and are looking for some wallpapered hallway ideas or mudroom wallpaper ideas? In the photo above, we can see the home entrance wall design in the cute farmhouse style project by Lacy. In her board and batten entryway interior, she has chosen the Simple Herringbone Removable Wallpaper In Black from the Entryway Wallpaper collection to give the space some simple, yet noticeable detail.

Minimal Linen Lines Removable Wallpaper

For more neutral and lighter entrance hall and foyer wallpaper ideas, above we can see the beautiful and airy home entrance design by Suzy. As her wallpaper for the hallway, she has chosen the Minimal Linen Lines Removable Wallpaper from the Stripe Wallpaper collection, which works perfectly as a welcoming and light foyer entryway wallpaper. If you are looking for more wallpaper for hallway, entryway wallpaper or wallpaper for mudroom options, visit our Entryway Wallpaper collection for more beautiful designs.


Palm Leaves Removable Wallpaper

Board and batten in bathroom can create a luxurious look. If you, however, would like to add some color to your board and batten bathroom with wallpaper, above we can see a gorgeous tropical bathroom example by  Rachel with the Palm Leaves Removable Wallpaper from the Bathroom & Powder Room Wallpaper collection, adding a fun touch to the earthy green bathroom interior.

Toile Pattern Removable Wallpaper

For floral and vintage style board and batten peel and stick wallpaper ideas, above we can see the beautiful and chic bathroom interior created by Farmhouse Living. In this blue and cozy bathroom interior, we can see the Toile Pattern Removable Wallpaper from the Bathroom & Powder Room Wallpaper collection, creating a welcoming and blooming atmosphere.


Laundry Room

Subtle Floral Removable Wallpaper

It is becoming more popular to give the laundry room a well deserved make-over, to create a more fun and welcoming atmosphere, rather than only associating it with home chores. For some inspiration, above we can see a modern board and batten laundry room interior design by Alana with our Subtle Floral Removable Wallpaper from the Modern Bohemian Collection adding a fresh and floral black and white vibe to the board and batten wall.

Fern Green Botanical Wildflower Removable Wallpaper

If a more earthy and outdoors inspired design is more in your style, then the board and batten laundry room project by Margie seen above, could be just the inspiration you were looking for. Adding wallpaper above board and batten can make a complete difference and create a new fresh look, as seen above with the Fern Green Botanical Wildflower Removable Wallpaper from the Entryway Wallpaper collection, which has added a beautiful meadow look for a blooming atmosphere.


Living Room

Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper In Linen Color

Above we can see a welcoming neutral board and batten living room design by Jenna. To give the board and batten accent wall some pattern and detail, she has added the Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper In Linen Color from the Living Room Wallpaper collection, that gives a light and elegant detail to the boho inspired living room interior.

Retro Style Removable Wallpaper

If you love a retro style, then the above seen board and batten over wallpaper look with the Retro Style Removable Wallpaper from the Living Room Wallpaper collection could be a fun black and white option for a living room interior or a board and batten dining room for an added chic and eye-catching detail. If black and white wallpaper is just what you are looking for, make sure to check out the Black And White Wallpaper collection to find your perfect design.

We hope this blog post showing different interior designs with board and batten and wallpaper will give you inspiration to create your ideal board and batten home interior look. For more board and batten wallpaper designs, visit our Entryway Wallpaper collection to browse more styles and get inspired to create your welcoming and eye-catching board and batten entryway interior look.

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