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Interior design trends of this year | Interior styles

New Year is just around the corner. Are you one of those interior lovers who tends to style their home according to the home decor trends of each year? Then this blog post is for you. Here you will find interior style trend predictions of 2019. Read more and get inspired for a trendy New Year!

Mid-century modern

Eclectic mid-century modern living room with white walls and bold decor
Mid-century interior style has been here for a while and it probably will hold it's position in the aesthetics for a very long time. Given that mid-century modern interior style was born post World War II, it is all about simplicity and functionality. Because of this it is the perfect interior style that can be mixed with other styles for a more eclectic look, just as you can see in the image above. Normally you should stick with clean lines and more modern or geometric decor pieces, however vintage gold frames and Moroccan area rug fits in perfectly in the overall look of the room.
Mid-century modern powder room with bold removable wallpaper and brass decorEven though Mid-century modern allows you to use colors and create a bright interior, I definitely like the more modern approach and the use of black and white. It suits teak wood perfectly - the key element of Mid-century modern interior. To add a more playful touch to the interior, you can also play with removable wallpaper. As in this case with our Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper! It sort of gives the powder room a more artistic look as it is a complete opposite to the straight, clean lines used in the room. Opposites attract!
Minimalist mid-century modern dining room with grey walls and teak furniture
For the minimalists out there, I feel this dining room is the perfect Mid-century modern inspo! It illustrates how to combine these two styles and still achieve this aesthetic look. Don't be afraid to use monochromatic base of the interior just as it is done here. Go all grey, all white or even all black. Just be consistent and minimal. Stick with teak wood, clean lines and brass decor pieces. That's all you really need.

Art deco

Minimal art deco interior with velvet stool and teak console
Art Deco is one of the interior design trends of 2019. For all of you Great Gatsby lovers, this interior style is the best way to bring in the glam of the Roaring 20's in your home. Even if your home interior is more minimal or Mid-century inspired, you can achieve this luxurious interior look by mixing in some Art Deco decor pieces here an there. Take the above image as an example. It is a very minimal interior with teak furniture and monochromatic walls and floors which is a complete opposite to the Art Deco ideology. However by mixing in something like this velvet stool, the interior immediately looks more glam!
Modern art deco powder room with gold details
Again, you don't need to go Art Deco from floor to ceiling to get the right look. The details are the ones that matter and this vanity couldn't be a better example. Angular lines and geometry is another key element of this interior style. The front layers of the vanity immediately elevates the whole powder room interior and the gold details completes the look. Because of the neutral walls and floors and these more luxurious details it is the perfect Art Deco inspired powder room that will not get overwhelming after time.
Bold art deco interior with geometric area rug, angular furniture and gold light fixtures
If you however would like to go full glam in your home, here is the perfect example of a modern Art Deco interior. Colorful interior, angular shapes, bold geometric patterns, luxurious gold details, displayed art pieces and a show stopping lighting solutions. Even though the base of the interior is still tranquil and neutral, the pops of color used in the decor pieces makes the room look bold, bright and roaring with glam!

Eclectic minimalism

Eclectic minimalist living room with colorful throw pillows
This must be one of my personal favourite interior styles. Combining minimalism and eclectic interior is a challenge, but if you love the two, magical things happen! For minimal interior every element needs to have a purpose. Sofa and lounge chairs for seating, area rug and decorative pillows for comfort and so on. If you keep the walls and floors of your interior white [or at least neutral] you can release the maximalist in you and go wild when it comes to colors and shape of your furniture. Just take a look above and you'll know what I'm talking about.
Bold minimalist dining room with colorful chairs
Here is a bit more subtle example of eclectic minimalism. Just by adding different shape or color chairs to your dining table and some pops of greenery here and there goes a long way. Then complete the look with a stunning light fixture to elevate the room to the next level!
Minimalist entryway with yellow doors and black stairs
Last but not least, this amazingly beautiful entryway interior. It is very minimal in it's purpose yet the mix of patterns and colors gives it a rather eclectic vibe. No clutter, no mess, just the essentials of the foyer.
What do you think of eclectic minimalism? Would you try it in your home? Or maybe there is another interior trend you cannot wait to try in 2019? Let us know!
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