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Kid's Room Interior Trends Of The Year

If you are looking to do a kid's room refresh anytime soon with peel and stick or even traditional wallpaper, make sure to take a look at our Top 5 most popular kid's room interior trends for 2022. From minimalistic black & white to neutral bohemian style, and even gender-specific nursery interiors - this year offers a little bit of everything for every taste!

1. Black & White Minimalist Interiors

Black and white colored interior concept of course is nothing new as it is one of the most versatile interior design styles of all times, however it seem to have re-gained it's popularity over the past year. Spiting the neutral-toned bohemian interiors which we have seen everywhere for the past three years, the black & white interior trend seems to bring a fresh perspective on gender-neutral nursery interior design and we are especially obsessed with this minimal nursery design by Rebecca of @maisonellieinteriors. It offers a lovely subtle black and white background filled with tons of texture for an added interest, and even though black and white dominates the room, the overall feeling is warm and welcoming. Rebecca chose our Dotted Bohemian Wallpaper from the Minimal Boho Kid's Room Collection for an accent wall. [Room photography by @heidilauphoto.]

2. Distinctly Baby-ish Interiors

Another one of the interior styles that we have spotted over the past year is distinct childish style nursery interiors. This is a perfect choice for those who are looking to create a room filled with wonder in all colors of the rainbow. It actually is the one of the most common elements of the childish style room interiors - they aren't afraid of color, and the more the merrier! In terms of pattern think of balloons, rainbows, bunnies and anything cute or out of fairy tales. An example we love is this pretty in pink nursery by Jhumki from @that_neon_girl who chose our Vintage Air Balloons Wallpaper from the Bohemian Girl's Room Collection.

3. Neutral Bohemian Interiors

Even though black and white interiors are on the rise again, the popular neutral boho style nurseries are still here and reigning Pinterest! And it is so of course for a reason. The neutral boho interior design style is so versatile and can be mixed well with almost any other interior style. Think boho coastal, boho farmhouse, mid-century bohemian and even minimal boho - it seems there are no limits! Even more, it can be gender neutral as well as distinctly feminine or masculine and can be easily transitioned from nursery to kid's or even teenager's room. One of our favourites is this lovely nursery by @littlecrowninteriors featuring our Grey Delicate Herringbone Wallpaper If you are planing a grey nursery design for your kid then cute grey background from our Grey Kids Wallpaper collection will be perfect choice for your wallpapered accent wall.
For more simple and minimalistic wallpaper designs for your own kid's room, definitely visit our Minimal Boho Kids Room Wallpaper Collection.

4. Gender-specific Interiors

Another trend we have been eyeing lately is gender-specific nurseries. For a while gender neutral seemed to be one of the key criteria when designing a nursery, however for the past several months we've noticed more and more distinctly feminine or distinctly masculine nurseries popping up on Instagram and Pinterest. Could it be that this trend will replace the years long gender neutral theme? Only time will tell! In the meantime, let us appreciate this beautifully feminine nursery design by @natalie_keinan with our Baby Pink Ombre Design Wall Mural.

5. Two Wallpapers In One Room

You know that feeling when you have narrowed down your wallpaper choices from 100 to just 2 and you simply cannot decide which one to go with? Well, now you don't have to - another hot trend of 2022 is wallpapering two walls in one room! Think of complimentary patterns like Giraffe Print Wallpaper mixed with Botanical Design Wallpaper for a jungle themed interior or, like in the example above designed by Laney from @hellomorellos - Wave Pattern Wallpaper mixed with Whale Design Wallpaper for an ocean inspired interior theme. You can also choose two abstract or geometric patterns for a more neutral look - the options are literally endless!
What do you think of the children's room trends of 2022? Have you already spotted the one for your project? Let us know in the comments below!

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