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Modern safari themed boys bedroom | MOOD BOARD MONDAY

For this Mood board Monday we have prepared fun and modern safari-inspired boys bedroom interior look. Inspired by the latest Hollywood movie "The Lion King" we combined playful pattern accessories and decors that reflect Africa's nature and animals. Take a look at our "Get the look" list below and see where you can find all these safari related boys' bedroom decors that will make the room "roar"!

Inspiration mood board of trendy safari jungle themed kids' bedroom

Our texture choice is a combination of a tribal pattern design rug and a modern leaf design wallpaper from our Travel inspired kids' room wallpaper collection. For the accent pieces, we picked fun and simple teepee tent, cool-looking lion design rug and "The Lion King" inspired wall art print. These three are a perfect base setup for the toddlers' room play zone. To make it look and feel more like a safari jungle theme room we added woven elephant basket, large giraffe toy and a washed linen pillow with an encouraging print that says Wild Thing. If the room has enough natural sunlight, you can afford to paint one of the walls in jungle green color to give the interior more of a thick jungle feel. Blend it with previously mentioned leaf wallpaper and it will look great.

Safari Animal Theme Wallpaper

If your kid is more of an animal friend, don't worry - we have a trendy Vintage safari animal pattern wallpaper design in our Minimal Boho Kids Room Wallpaper collection. Because of its light yet detailed design, it is great not only for the accent wall but for the whole room as well.

Modern safari animal design removable wallpaper design for kids room

Safari jungle theme wallpaper

If you like the idea of safari jungle theme interior but wish not to paint any walls - go for bussy pattern removable wallpaper like this Big Palm Leaf Imprint wallpaper from our Urban Jungle Collection. Pick your custom color for this wallpaper and go wild.

Jungle leaf wallpaper in kids' room

Tribal wallpaper

If jungle and animal pattern is not what you are looking for but still wish to create safari vibe interior, you can go for a simple pattern design wallpaper like this Minimal Boho Aztec wallpaper from our Minimal Boho Wallpaper Collection. Because of its playful pattern, it can be easily fit in many different interior styles. This wallpaper will look great not only in toddlers but also in a teenagers room years later.

Minimal cute aztec kids room wallpaper

Whish to know from where comes all the other mentioned interior pieces? Look below and explore "Get the look" list. If you have any questions or would like to add your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment!

Get the look of modern safari jungle themed bedroom for toddlers

1. Botanical nursery removable wallpaper - Livette's Wallpaper
2. "Hakuna Matata" printable wall art - Mouse And Me Prints
3. Toddler floor bed - Etsy
4. Teepee Tent - Cozy Dots
5. Wild Thing washed linen pillow cover - Livette's Wallpaper
6. Gray Moroccan Trellis Bosphorus rug - Rugs USA
7. OYOY Lion Rug - Scandiborn
8. Plush giraffe - Melissa & Doug
9. Elephant Laundry Hamper - Home Depot

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