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Modern Victorian Home Office

Now more than ever working from home has become something that many people have to do. Whether your work space is just a corner of your living room or you have a whole room designated for this purpose, your home office should be comfortable and pleasant enough for you to spend all the work hours in.
Blue and brown color scheme modern victorian home office
Our idea on the Modern Victorian home office was to make this place calm, inspiring and sophisticated with a vintage feel. The color palette we chose includes calming blues, warm browns and neutral greys. It is not too bright nor overwhelming and perfect for a working space. Nothing says Victorian more than floral patterns! Choose a beautiful botanical themed wall covering and add some matching floral accent pieces like posters or a lovely tea cup.
Precious wood furnishings were also in high demand in the Victorian era, by adding wooden furniture in your home office you will make this place look not only rich and sophisticated but also very homey. A well made wooden desk can easily become a statement piece in your home office. Also things like outstanding office chairs and vintage looking clocks can make a good centre piece that will get a lot of attention.Modern vintage home office with floral patterns and wooden furniture
Our Toile Pattern Removable Wallpaper would look amazing not only in kitchens and bathrooms but also in a home office or any other room. To go with the wallpaper we chose this absolutely stunning Blossom Area Rug in blue and white with a damask pattern. You'll also need some curtains to cover that bright sunlight - this Silvana Grey Silk Blackout Curtain is very simple, but would work very well in contrast with that lush wallpaper. The two items most important in a home office are your desk and a chair. Remember that you most probably will be spending many hours working in this place, so keep in mind that the furniture should be not only eye pleasing but also practical and comfortable. Wilbur Desk is a gorgeous walnut color desk with storage compartments to keep your stationery in. We wanted the office chair to not only go together with the Modern Victorian theme, but also be practical like contemporary office chairs. Marjorie Task Chair is a perfect match because it has that classic Victorian tufted back, it's also adjustable and has a set of wheels. Next on your desk you'll need some kind of lighting. Tiffany lamps were a huge hit in the Victorian era. Diamond Ring Table Lamp would be a wonderful addition to this room - it's a classic Tiffany Lamp, but with a little more modern look. Another important thing on your desk - a mug to hold your favorite hot beverages during work hours. This Vintage Blue And White Mug would perfectly match the interior. Next - a bookcase! Victorian home is unthinkable without an enormous library. In the modern days we don't tend to keep a massive collection of books at home, but everyone definitely has some. An antique looking bookcase is a perfect place to keep them in - like this Latitude Bunching Library Bookcase - it has that vintage look but is small and minimalistic enough to fit in these modern times. Lastly finish your home office by adding some nice botanical themed posters like this marvellous Audubon Bird Print Set.


1. Toile Pattern Removable Wallpaper - Livette's Wallpaper
2. Audubon Bird Print Set of 6 (SomeArtPrints) - Etsy
3. Diamond Ring Table Lamp - Tiffany Lamps
4. Silvana Grey Silk Blackout Curtain - Crate & Barrel
5. Vintage Blue And White Asian Garden Floral Ceramic Mug (by MemoryOriginal) - Etsy
6. Wilbur Desk - All Modern
7. Marjorie Task Chair - Wayfair
8. Latitude Bunching Library Bookcase - Perigold
9. Blossom - BLM-103 Area Rug - Rugs Direct

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