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Top pick accessories for bathroom interior

For this post, we collected our top pick accessories for the bathroom interior. We were looking for the subtle color palette, natural materials and functional objects with strong character yet clean and simple look. Our goal was to combine products that together would create a perfect home spa feeling.

White cotton towels with velvet details from Zara homeAs for our first pick, we selected white cotton towels with velvet details. Towels must absorb moisture - which is why cotton towels will be the best choice. They are not only absorbent but also soft and pleasant for touch.

Light linen and wood basketThe basket had to be made out of natural air-permeable materials. We came across this lovely and simple wood and cotton bag hamper. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find an exact look hamper in good quality so we found an alternative - White Minky Dot Laundry Hamper by Sweet Jojo Designs. Another strong side for this type of hamper is that it can be easily folded and put away when not needed.

Bath mat in a sturdy cotton weave with anti-slip protectorsTo create harmony between accessories we picked white cotton bath mat with a similar weaved look as towels. This mat is our choice not only because of its clean and simple look but also because of its anti-slip protectors on the back.

One of the most important objects for a bathtub is curtains. We found something so chic yet simple that we could not resist it. Cotton shower curtain from Urban Outfitters 'bohemian collection' with charming pompoms along the edges will perfectly fit together with previously mentioned towels and mat.

Lately, bath caddies are becoming more and more popular. They are not only very useful but also give that subtle spa feeling. Our pick is from Anthropologie - a brass bath caddy with three sections. If your body products end up being spread all around the bath - this accessory will change that for good.

As bathroom trays, we decided to pick glass collection with brass details. Each tray is carefully handcrafted and unique so there can be slight variations in the appearance of each piece. Glass combined with brass creates a clean and simple look.

As the last product for this combination, we picked our new self-adhesive wallpaper from our Azulejos collection! Its watercolor pattern imitates tile effect - perfect for a bathroom.

What do you think about our top picks? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section! If any of the mentioned accessories caught your eye - link for each product is available below!

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