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Pattern of The Year 2024

Pattern Of The Year 2024 In Colors Of The Year
A new year is the perfect time to plan for the long desired interior improvements. If you are looking to give your home interior a fresh make-over or just want to give it a new look and change the mood in the room, sometimes covering one wall with a beautiful statement wallpaper and creating an accent wall can already give the interior a fresh look and give it some eye-catching pop of color. In this blog post we will share the selected wallpaper patterns of the year and to follow the interior color trends of 2024, we have matched the patterns with some of the announced colors of the year.

Wildflower Foliage

Wildflower Foliage Wallpaper In Custom Color Peach Fuzz
A delicate, charming and welcoming wallpaper pattern that can bring a sense of warmth in a kids room or nursery - the Wildflower Foliage Removable Wallpaper For Kids Room from the Floral, Botanical & Woodland Kids Wallpaper collection is one of the selected 3 patterns of the year 2024. This simple yet enchanting floral wallpaper pattern creates a light and joyful kids room atmosphere in an elegant manner. It can be a timeless kids wallpaper choice that can provide a charming and warm look for years. Pair the gentle warm wildflower foliage wallpaper with dreamy decor, colors and soft fabrics to create a fairy tale atmosphere in the nursery as we can see in the photo above.
Wildflower Foliage Removable Wallpaper Pattern Of The Year
 As peach fuzz has been announced as the color of the year by Pantone, we have chosen to create the  Wildflower Foliage Removable Wallpaper For Kids Room in the trendy custom color. Nestled somewhere in between orange and pink, peach fuzz gives a soft and cozy feeling that in an interior can create a sense of calm and comfort in a nurturing manner. The color peach fuzz can be often associated with velvety, soft and furry textures that can evoke a sense of gentle touch and desire to connect. Being a youthful, soft and warm color that even used on one wall in the interior can create a welcoming and comforting atmosphere, it can be an ideal color for a dreamy nursery interior. For a more colorful nursery wall coverage or an eye-catching nursery accent wall, you can chose to add the peach full color as the base, or for a more subtle and softer design, chose to have a light base with darling peach fuzz wildflower foliage pops of color as seen in the mood board above.

Pine Retro Design

Pine Retro Wallpaper In Custom Color Blue Nova
With retro interior design continuing to be in style this 2024 year, as the second pattern of the year we have selected the above seen Pine Retro Design Removable Wallpaper from the Vintage And Retro Wallpaper collection. Round shapes and patterns in chic and contrasting colors can create a stylish, bold and fun living room interior as seen in the photo above. The playful retro pattern can give a unique character to the home interior, and as there is a shift of homeowners moving towards a bolder and more colorful interior design, a stylish retro design in trendy color palette can bring the lively energy and even a sense of wow factor in smaller areas and create a unique and eye-catching living room as seen in the photo above. 
Pine Retro Design Wallpaper Of The Year Mood Board In Blue Nova For A Bold Interior
For a bold retro design with an elegant touch and sense of depth and intrigue, we have colored the pine retro wallpaper design in custom color Blue Nova that has been announced as the color of the year by Benjamin Moore. The endlessly classic blend between blue and violet that is the perfect mid-tone can be a confident color choice to cover all walls in a room, creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. To showcase the deep, rich color, we have grabbed inspiration from the Benjamin Moore color palette of the year 2024 to capture the brilliant and eye-catching color combination that makes the Blue Nova color shine as seen in the photo above. The  Pine Retro Design Removable Wallpaper in rich and eye-catching Custom Colors can give you the perfect base to create a bold retro chic home interior. Combine the classic tone with rich, velvety fabrics, dazzling metallic details and some pop of white, moody green tones and warm red or orange to create a gorgeous balance as seen in the mood board above. 

Minimal Lines

Minimal Lines Wallpaper Patterns Of The Year In Custom Color Upward
Lines and lined patterns are said to be one of the interior trends of 2024. Therefore, to give the interior some lined pattern in a more unique and unexpected style, we have chosen the Minimal Rain Lines Removable Wallpaper from the Stripe Wallpaper collection to be the third pattern of the year 2024. The simple yet eye-catching striped removable wallpaper can be a perfect base for a light and airy beach house interior style with light and breezy blue tones as seen in the photo above. The elegant and chic striped wallpaper pattern can be a gorgeous option for covering all walls in a room, to create an elegant accent wall or to showcase an area of the interior. Give the interior an unexpected detail by matching the wallpaper pattern with interior fabrics. Visit our newly added Fabrics collection to shop all fabric prints and designs.
Minimal Lines Wallpaper Of The Year Coastal Style Mood Board In Color Upward
As we introduce the third pattern of the year, we have also colored it in another announced color of the year - Upward as seen in the mood board above. The light and airy color that sets between denim blue and gray can be the ideal light and confident color to create an elegant and relaxing coastal style at home. The breezy, blissful blue color introduced by Sherwin Williams used in interior design can add a dreamy and positive environment that can allow to rest, take a breath, slow down and clear your mind. An ideal color to use in bedroom interior for an airy and breezy beach house interior style that gives the luxurious restful vibe. The Minimal Rain Lines Removable Wallpaper in a relaxing, sunny-day shade such as Upward can be perfect for covering all walls in a room, creating a beautiful and elegant base. Pair the calming tone with cool pastels and neutral tones for a perfect balance.
Patterns Of The Year 2024 Printed Fabrics
Bring the unexpected interior decor detail by matching the fabric print with wallpaper design. If you are looking for unique interior decor ideas, visit our new and exclusive Fabric products to browse through the collection and find your favorite printed fabric design. Choose between different materials such as linen fabric, velvet fabric, polyester fabric, cotton fabric and create an eye-catching, individual design home decor.
We hope this blog post gives you inspiration for your future wallpaper projects to create stylish and trendy interior designs. If you would like to give your favorite wallpaper design an individual look with different colors, most of our wallpaper designs are available to order in custom colors. Visit Custom Colors page to learn more. Which pattern of the year 2024 and color grabbed your attention the most?
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