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Striped Wallpapers For Every Taste

Striped Wallpapers For Every Taste
If you are looking for an elegant, timeless and eye-catching wallpaper design that gives a lot of decorating opportunities and can make the room feel more spacious, then stripes might just be the choice for you. While horizontal stripes can make the room appear wider, vertically striped wallpaper design can make the room seem taller than it is, allowing to visually increase the size of the room by covering walls with wallpaper. Striped wallpaper, however, can come in many different designs to choose from, therefore, in this blog post, we will go through some of the striped wallpaper designs that can match every taste. 

Minimal Stripes

Minimal Stripes Removable Wallpaper Bedroom Interior
If you are searching for that timeless wallpaper pattern design in a neutral color palette that will work as a beautiful backdrop for almost any decorating style, our Minimal Stripes Removable Wallpaper In Neutral Color Palette, seen in the photo above, can be a perfect option for an elegant wall covering. We love how Lauren has used this striped wall design to create a bright and modern boys bedroom interior for a timeless design, where the Minimal Stripes Removable Wallpaper In Neutral Color Palette can be combined with different furniture and decor in future.
Minimal Stripes Removable Wallpaper Mudroom Design
In the photo above, we can see the same wallpaper pattern in a more contrasting color combination - black & white. It definitely is a timeless color combination that is hard to believe will ever go out of style. And as seen above, Amy has created a very chic mudroom interior design, by introducing a fun and eye-catching pattern in the space with our Minimal Stripes Removable Wallpaper, that makes the smaller room appear taller. 

Classic Stripes

Classic Black And White Stripes Wallpaper Interior Design
You can never go wrong with a classic design. As timeless as it can be, a classic black and white stripe, being elegant and bold at the same time, can give a lasting look and a dazzling design. In the photo above, we can see a perfect example by Hayley, where she has added an eye-catching detail in the interior with our Classic Black And White Stripes Removable Wallpaper.
Tiny Lines Green Removable Wallpaper Closet Design
 In case you do, however, prefer to add some pop of color to the walls but are looking for that classic look, then choosing a striped design in a bright color can give the room the elegant touch of fun you might be looking for. A vibrant color wallpaper design can work especially perfectly in a smaller space, and as seen in the photo above Diana has created a unique wardrobe design by wallpapering the back of it with our Tiny Lines Removable Wallpaper in a green color. We love how fresh and more welcoming the closet looks with the added wallpaper design.

Diagonal Lines

Diagonal Lines Black and White Wallpaper Parisian Apartment
Perhaps you are looking for something more unusual? Our Black & White Bold Diagonal Lines Removable Wallpaper can be a beautiful option for an elegant yet surprising interior design. We love how Suzanne has used the wallpaper in her Parisian inspired interior design. If you would like to be inspired from this project more, please visit our Bold Parisian Apartment Home Tour blog post.
Dark Blue Diagonal Lines Removable Wallpaper
Why not add some pop of color with the same wallpaper design? Our Dark Blue Diagonal Lines Removable Wallpaper, as seen in the photo above, can be a classic and effective addition to almost any interior style. If you would be interested in a brighter color, all of our wallpaper designs can be ordered in custom colors, therefore, allowing to create the design for every taste. Visit our Custom Colors page to learn more about how to order your chosen wallpaper design in a custom color of your choice.

Minimal Lines

Minimal Lines Removable Wallpaper Powder Room Interior
 Another wallpaper design that can give a more original look to the striped wallpaper design world is our Minimal Black And White Lines Removable Wallpaper. In the photo above we can see the design in custom color - Clay used in a gorgeous powder room interior design by Northwest Wall Designs.
Minimal Mint Lines Removable Wallpaper
But perhaps with the summer season blooming outside, you are looking to incorporate some bright earthy tones in your interior? The Minimal Mint Lines Removable Wallpaper in green color as seen in the photo above can be a gorgeous wallpaper design choice to bring a touch of fun and pop of color in your home design.

We hope this blog post will give you inspiration and show the many options of striped wallpaper designs and how well they can go in almost any interior styles. If you would like to see more striped wallpaper design options, visit our Stripe Wallpaper collection to pick your perfect pattern and color.
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