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Wallpaper trends of the year 2023
New Year comes with new beginnings, new chances and, of course, new trends that will rule this new year. Trends are always changing over time, however sometimes some hottest trends come back. In this blog post we have gathered some of the top trends that we think will be hot in this new 2023 Year. From simple shapes and colors, to abstract art and wallpapered ceilings. This year is all about stepping out of the box and owning your truth, therefore each and every one will be able to find something special for them in this blog post. Keep reading this blog to find out more about this year's top trends in the Interior Design world.

1. Simple stripes

Striped wallpaper has always been a classic, however, it has made a comeback and it can be seen even more often, not only in the fashion world, but in your interior setting as well. We are loving the simplicity it brings to the space, yet it adds a modern twist, by remaining subtle. Also, the true beauty of a simply striped wallpaper is that it can be installed in different ways - vertically, horizontally and also diagonally.
Minimal stripe removable wallpaper in kids room interior
The simply stunning projects were done by the lovely ladies Lauren Elizabeth from @houseofhire and Amy from @bellathebullie. Lauren chose a more traditional, minimalistic striped wallpaper design, which accentuates the height of the room and visually creates an illusion of more space. For her lovely boy's bedroom, Lauren chose our Minimal Stripes wallpaper design in the Self Adhesive material.
Neutral nursery design featuring minimal wallpaper
However, Amy chose a more interesting approach to the striped wallpaper trend, by selecting our Beige Brush Strokes wallpaper design in the … material, where the lines are created using irregular brushstrokes, which is a striking alternative to traditional stripes. We truly believe that stripes will never go out of style, as their simplicity and versatility are what makes them unique!

2. Wallpaper in the dining room

In our opinion, the dining room is one of the spaces in our home which brings people together; a space where cozy evenings, and for some, even lively mornings happen, so why not add a bit of fun and visual interest to the room by adding a feature wall or two.
Neutral wallpaper design in dining room
For example, you can use bright and colourful, or light-toned wallpaper to revive a tired dining room into an energised space for meals and parties. And if you live in a rental, peel-and-stick wallpaper is an easy way to add your personal style to your dining room, as Miquelle from @houseof.kai did to her open space dining room with our Neutral Paintbrush Maze wallpaper design in the self adhesive material. By choosing a neutral color wallpaper, the space looks elegant and serene, and the right elements added to the room, like the wooden table and stool, enhances the overall look, which is the perfect combination for a family home.
Botanical peel and stick wallpaper in dining room
The second project was done by the very talented designer Barbara from @makeroomsingapore. For this dining room project, Barbara chose our Light Green Botanical Foliage wallpaper design in the Traditional material. The nature inspired wallpaper design is the perfect accent to the space, as it balances out the different textures and colors of the design elements used in the room. We love the idea of using mirrors in a smaller space, as they make the room feel more open, however, the position of the two mirrors are perfect for this particular dining room, as they break up the patterned wallpaper.
Overall, the dining room is a very unique and fun space to add a bit of texture and colors, as the hard surfaces of tables and chairs are often dominating and can be overwhelming, however, adding a fun patterned wallpaper can bring character, individuality and personality to the space.

3. Wallpaper art

For this year, we are switching out our framed paintings and posters for large scale wallpaper, which can double as wall art and make an even bigger statement. We are seeing a lot more wall murals used in interior settings, as it gives the 'Wow!' factor to a space and is highly used by professionals for their projects, but why not dare to try it out in your own home! To showcase one of our favorite wall mural collections, we have two lovely nursery projects from our Vintage Woodland Collection that we wanted to feature in this blog post, as the designs are perfect for those who are looking for a dreamy accent wall.

Wallpaper as wall art in nursery

The first nursery project was created by the lovely Rebecca from @maisonellieinteriors together with our Enchanted Forest Wall Mural in the Traditional material. Every little detail in this room catches our eyes, but the main focal point is, of course, the statement wallpaper. As the details of the wall mural are very intricate, you can get the feeling that you are in some way part of it. In the space, Rebecca has done an excellent job creating a calming space for the baby, by adding all the right elements to the room like the boucle armchair with light wood legs, which gives the feel of a real enchanted forest.

Botanical nursery interior featuring removable wall mural

The second project which we chose to showcase in the Wallpaper Art trend, was designed by Chloe from @chloegetscreative. The oversized botanical themed wall mural is just the perfect accent wall, as the green tones in the flower matches the ceiling color. The wicker elements in the room bring out the green tones and help create an indoor-outdoor feel. To create the nature inspired project, Chloe used our Vintage Botanical Wall Mural in the Traditional material.
The art of a wall mural - a statement piece that instantly increases the aesthetic value of a room. We definitely believe that we will be seeing a lot more wall murals used in interior design projects because of how easy they liven up a space and also it's a wonderful decorative way to personalize your space, as shown in both featured projects.

4. Tropical prints

Tropical print wallpaper has been around for years, however, it will never go out of style if the styling of the space is done right to not overpower the wallpaper or vice versa. Nowadays tropical print wallpaper can be found in different colorways, so if you are loving the print but cannot justify the bold colors, we recommend going for more neutral colors or even black and white, as it will also be easier to style with your already existing furniture and decorative pieces.
The projects featured in this blog post are definitely not your typical tropical printed wallpaper projects, as we wanted to show different approaches to create that coastal feel but in a more subtle way, which the lovely creators showcased perfectly - Lauren from @laurenminointeriors and Ashley Danielle from @stylemeetsstrategy.
Coastal bathroom remodel featuring peel and stick wallpaper
The first project, created by Lauren, features our Blue Palm Leaves wallpaper design in the traditional material. This powder room definitely gives off that Hamptons feel with the blue and crisp white color scheme. Adding the wicker basket at the bottom of the vanity brings in a bit of nature, which compliments the blue palm leaves in the wallpaper.
Black and white tropical peel and stick wallpaper
The second project, created by Ashley Danielle, showcases that even darker tones can reflect that tropical feel. For her home office project, Ashley Danielle chose our Monochrome Tropical wallpaper design in the Traditional material. If you are ready to reinvent tropical decor for your home, consider giving it an eclectic update, as the creator did in her home office, by adding vibrant color motifs with the paintings and gold accent pieces, like the lamp and handles on the desk drawers.
Tropical print has always been a popular trend in the interior world, featuring bold prints and leafy designs, however, the trend is also suitable for those who are into a more minimalistic style by choosing neutral tones for the leafs, as it is a very elegant option for those who love the trend but cannot justify the vibrant tones in their interior setting.

5. Moody florals

Who said that flowers and floral designs are only suitable for kids' rooms? Flowers are much more than a fun design. They are bold and smart choices when choosing to do an accent wall in your room. Nature is all about that beauty of being free, that’s why we are so in love with these floral interiors. Floral wallpaper designs and patterns in general will definitely rule the interior world in this new 2023 Year.
Bedroom design with floral removable wallpaper
Both of these bedroom designs stand out and that’s exactly what bold floral designs do when incorporated in the interior. First project is done by the talented Carrie from @honeydohoney_home. For this bedroom project Carrie chose the Dark Vintage Flower Bouquet Removable Wallpaper design in the Traditional wallpaper material. When planning this project, Carrie had her eyes on 2 completely different wallpaper designs, however at the end she decided to go with this moody option and we think that she absolutely made the right choice.
We absolutely love how Carrie balanced out the dark and moody colors of the floral wallpaper with this light board & batten that goes around the whole room creating this cohesive final look of this bedroom project. Paired with this rich orange color bedding and some greenery, this bedroom most definitely makes a statement.
Large pattern peel and stick wallpaper
Second project is done by lovely Candace from @themintedmama. For this bedroom project Candace decided to use the Bold Floral Wall Mural in the Self adhesive wallpaper material. As the name of the wallpaper already says - this is a bold choice for your interior. Paired with the gold details and interior decor elements, this room comes together amazingly. Accent wall is also one of the top trends in interior design which continues its way from one year to another. And this new 2023 Year is no different for sure.
We most definitely think that wall murals will also make a big statement in the interior design world this year. Wall murals are a great choice when you are looking for that picture like finish on your walls. Wall murals have a bigger pattern scale which makes the overall look more eye-catching.

6. Wallpaper in unexpected places

This year wallpaper goes more and beyond the walls - it goes on doors and even the ceilings! Wallpapered ceilings make such a big statement that this trend will most definitely rule this year's interior design. Of course, you can’t forget about the walls as well, therefore, make sure to match the color from the wallpaper and paint your walls in the same color making the room look bigger.
Wallpapered ceiling in bedroom
This first bedroom project is done by lovely Samantha from @samanthabringsyouhome. For this project Samantha decided to use the Toile Pattern Removable Wallpaper in Traditional wallpaper material. Samantha also decided to customise the wallpaper specially for this project which makes this bedroom interior even more special. The blue colors of the wallpaper and the walls go amazing together with the wood headboard and other details in this room. The neutral bedding created this light and airy final result.
Samantha has done a great job creating this amazing bedroom interior and choosing this particular wallpaper design for her ceiling. It’s very important to choose the right pattern that will elevate the overall look of the room. This Toile pattern definitely gives the room the right accent and pop color which continues within the walls as well.
Peel and stick tile wallpaper
The second project is also a bedroom project, however this time the client decided to wallpaper the doors of the room creating this little, but bold and fun accent. This project is done by talented Annie from @most_lovely_things. For this bedroom door project Annie choosed the Pink Moroccan Tile Pattern Removable Wallpaper in the Self adhesive wallpaper material. The overall bedroom design is minimalistic and simple, however the wallpaper accent speaks volumes.
Making the doors a focal point of the room is a smart design choice which will give you a completely new perspective. You can achieve so much more using wallpaper in your home interior as an accent.

7. Black and white

Black and White color combination is a timeless classic that never goes out of style! This color combination can create such a variety of moods, styles and ambiances with so little effort and that’s why we love it so much. Color combinations like black and white can be easily incorporated in the interior and it can also be the main accent in the room. Home decors can be easily matched with black and white colors as well, creating a sophisticated interior. As both, black and white colors, are so versatile, they can be added in every room in your home. This time, we will look more into home office and kitchen projects featuring some fun Black and White wallpaper designs.
Abstract wallpaper design in home office
In 2023 ‘work from home’ is the new standard, that’s why everybody is remodelling and creating their own home offices. This amazing home office project is done by Anna from @call.it.christian featuring our Abstract Piano Removable Wallpaper in Self adhesive wallpaper material. Black and White color combination creates this serene and cozy home office look which we adore. The wooden table and other wood themed accents go so well together with the wallpaper and the rug, which makes working in this office much more fun.
We love how Anna has incorporated the black and white colors in this interior not only with the wallpaper, but also with the interior decor pieces creating the overall look so appealing. As well as we love the rug layering that creates this extra texture in the interior bringing your attention to the room as whole.
Black and white circle wallpaper in kitchen
This bold kitchen project is done by talented Stephanie from @stephaniemichelle_athome. For this project Stephanie decided to use our Modern Black & White Removable Wallpaper in Self adhesive wallpaper material. Stephanie has paired this bold wallpaper with many more bold accents and decor pieces making this kitchen pop. In this interior, Stephanie has decided to balance out the black and white colors with some contrasting pinks, blues and orange creating this fun and eye-catching style.
Black and White colors are very easy to style as you can go two different ways - stay in the black and white spectrum and build your interior around those colors or go a completely different route and mix some pop of colors within those black and white colors. Both of these options will create an interior design that stands out.
The main trend of this year is - have fun and experiment with your interior choice to create your own safe space at home. Whether you like to go the neutral route with some minimal stripes and simple shapes or go bold with some moody florals and abstract designs.


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