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Which Floral Wallpaper Better Suits Your Style?

Which Floral Wallpaper Better Suits Your Style?
As in summer everything is blooming outside and we have the tendency to spend most of our time outdoors, we might find the urge to bring as much outdoor feeling inside as possible. With everything blooming outside, why not bring some florals inside and incorporate them in the interior design as well? Floral wallpaper is a great option to bring that summer garden or meadow feeling inside and make your interior bloom together with the season. In this blog post we will be going through different floral wallpaper styles to help you find which floral wallpaper might better suit your style.

Light Florals

Light Floral Wallpaper Bathroom Interior
If you do want to give your walls some pattern rather than just painting them in a light color, and a more minimalistic yet eye-catching design suits your taste, then going with a light color floral wallpaper could be the right choice. An elegant and chic floral design that will bring a blooming feeling at home without being in the center of the stage can work as a backdrop in your interior and create a charming and stylish design. In the photo above we can see a gorgeous example of a bathroom design by Shelby with our Toile Pattern Removable Wallpaper bringing a touch of color and detail to the space.
Soft Floral Mural Girls Bedroom Design
Furthermore, light color wall coverage can overall make the room appear lighter and more spacious. Perhaps you are looking to make the room look brighter and more welcoming? As an example, above we can see the enchanting girls bedroom design by Jess with our Soft Floral Design Wall Mural wallpaper for an eye-catching yet minimalistic design.

Pastel Florals

Pastel Floral Removable Wallpaper Interior
If you do however want to add some color to your interior design by covering the walls with a wallpaper design, but perhaps prefer a more soft floral pattern, then pastel tones could be the perfect option for the best of both worlds. In the photo above we can see a beautiful living room interior design by Liz & Sam where they have created a gorgeous floral accent wall in the room with our Pastel Floral Removable Wallpaper, matching the colors throughout the interior for a tasteful and elegant design.
Pastel Floral Home Office Wallpaper Design
Nowadays when a lot of professionals choose to work from home, having a clean and eye-catching backdrop can be more important than ever. If your workday’s mostly involve being in front of a camera for video calls with clients and colleagues or creating video content for social media and you are looking for a soft floral wallpaper design that is both elegant and give you some color, than why not go with a pastel toned floral wallpaper as seen in the photo above with our Pastel Peonies Wallpaper?

Colorful Florals

Bold Colorful Floral Guest Bedroom Interior
Colorful, bold floral wallpaper in the design for the wow factor interior element that will not leave anyone unimpressed. Choosing a bolder color floral wallpaper pattern will definitely give an energizing feeling to the room and its guests. We love how Candace has given her guest bedroom a dazzling personality with our Bold Floral Removable Wall Mural for a wow factor moment when entering the room.
Floral Design Wall Mural Nursery Interior
A colorful wallpaper design can also bring a fun vibe to the room that can be very suitable for a nursery or children’s room interior. Creating a beautiful colorful floral accent wall in the nursery as seen in the photo above with our Floral Design Removable Wall Mural can give a very lovely, feminine and fun atmosphere for a baby girl. Would a colorful floral wallpaper design be in your style?

Dark Florals

Dark Vintage Floral Removable Wallpaper Interior Design
To bring a sense of intimacy and warmth in the interior, going for a darker color floral wallpaper pattern can be the perfect choice. Carrie in the photo above has created a romantic yet mysterious atmosphere in her bedroom design with our Dark Vintage Flower Bouquet Removable Wallpaper. We love how bold and elegant at the same time the floral pattern looks in this project.
Floral Removable Wallpaper Laundry Room Interior
Perhaps a darker floral wallpaper design without a lot of mixed colors but a two color combination is more in your style? In the photo above we can see a gorgeous example of a laundry room design with our Grany Chic Floral Print Removable Wallpaper. We love how Julie has given her laundry room a completely different atmosphere with just adding a wallpaper design. The space appears very fresh, blooming and more welcoming for everyday home tasks.

Neutral Florals

Grey Peony Wallpaper Powder Room Design
Neutral color has been in style for years and it still is now. Similarly to light colors, neutral can make the room appear more spacious and lighter. Furthermore neutral color wallpaper design can make the room feel warmer and more welcoming as well. We love how Jamie has given her powder room a breath of blooming air and brought more light inside with our Grey Peonies Removable Wallpaper as seen above.
Subtle Floral Removable Wallpaper Interior
Neutral color combination can also provide a feeling of luxury in the interior and it is a very popular color for bathroom and powder room designs. In the photo above we can see a beautifully done powder room interior project with our Subtle Floral Removable Wallpaper. The Thirteen Design Studio has given the powder room a gorgeous bright feeling with a minimalistic yet notable floral touch. Perhaps neutral color floral wallpaper designs are within your taste too? 
We hope this blog post showing beautiful examples of different floral designs will help you choose the best blooming wallpaper pattern for your interior project. If you are looking for more floral wallpaper design choices, please visit our Floral & Botanical Wallpaper Designs.

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