White Lotus Inspired Bedroom Mood Board

Summer is a time for vacations and careless days by the sea, and what better place to go for an vacation than Italy? Since The White Lotus season 2 aired, Sicily has become one of the most desired destinations with its rich history, breathtaking views, and hot summer days. Let's get into The White Lotus vacation mood and imagine how it would be to spend carefree days in Italian Palazzo with a White Lotus Inspired Bedroom Interior mood board.

Sicilian palazzo white lotus series interior mood
Photo Credit:  armando rotoletti | Architectural Digest

White Lotus season 2 takes us on a luxurious vacation in Sicily, and I wanted to reflect that feeling in this mood board. Contemporary furniture and decor objects that embody historical mood through materials like – marble, gold, and velvet – take us inside an exquisite and luxurious Sicilian Palazzo bedroom. A lot is going on in this mood board – a mix of different materials, shapes, and textures – to achieve an Italian Maximalist interior look.

white lotus inspired bedroom interior mood board
Vintage Birds Wall Mural from Vintage Woodland Collection reminds of a fresco in Italian villas. Vintage botanicals, birds, and grey cloud drawings create a dreamy and magical atmosphere and are perfect for an accent wall in a bedroom. Rooms color scheme is derived from murals' colors - muted greens, pale pink, ivory, and a hint of royal blue.
The dark blue velvet bed frame gives the room a luxurious feel. Velvet fabric – initially made from pure silk, with its soft and smooth texture is the epitome of luxury – just right for the Italian Maximalist interior mood. The moss green Lulu floor lamp in rich velvet makes a stunning addition to the bedroom.
white lotus silician palazzo inspired bedroom interior textures and colors

Italy has a rich heritage of luxury materials, and marble is one of them. Marble belongs in a Palazzo interior and is also trending in contemporary furniture design, like, the Red Marble Plinth Side Table with a beautiful and rich pattern. Marengo Rug's intricate geometric pattern in light green complements the marble side table and tray. Mixing different patterns and textures helps to achieve a maximalist interior look.
Sculptural interior pieces add value to the room because each object with its unique shape is almost an art object by itself. And this bedroom mood board is rich with sculptural pieces – from lighting to Valencia Chair and Burl Wood side table.
To finish this flamboyant bedroom interior design, add gold elements like an antique-looking mirror and Gilded Muse Frida Vase. If you watched White Lotus season 2, you know that we could not leave out a reference to a Sicilian head-sculptured vase – Teste di Moro – that has a symbolic meaning in the series. Last touch – light up a Fornasetti Scented candle to elevate your senses and take you away to a Sicilian Palazzo.
If you feel like bringing Sicilian Palazzo meets White Lotus vacation mood to your home, shop the list below!
white lotus season 2 inspred bedroom interior shop the look

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We hope that this mood board inspired you! Maximalist interiors allow being bold and create layered looks with different materials, textures, and shapes. “You've got this,” said Tanya, Jennifer Coolidge's character, in the White Lotus season finale episode. We encourage you to try and have fun with this interior style – you got this! Well, hopefully, with better results than Tanya!

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