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Make your bedroom a sanctuary | One Room Challenge - Week 4

For our week 4 of One Room Challenge we have selected 4 important steps to make your bedroom a true sanctuary. Remember, this room is meant for relaxation and recreation and these four tips include advice for a neatly organised space just as well as mental well being.

One Room Challenge 2019, Modern bohemian bedroom styling tips

1. Decide and declutter

When we think of our happy place, home always comes to mind first. And for lot of us, it must be the bedroom and the comfort and relaxation that it brings after a long day at work. A crowded bedroom will not feel peaceful and comforting, as you will constantly worry that you have to clean and organize. Think of this room as an oasis that has to be peaceful and soothing. Don't store in your bedroom any unnecessary items that doesn't belong here. Outta sight - outta mind concept really shouldn't be used in this room, no-matter how tempting the space under the bed seems. Even if you hide [store] some rarely needed things under the bed, you know they're there. And what's even worse - they get dusty which means even more of a chaos in the long run.
Another thing to consider is the furniture that you have or feel that you need in your bedroom. If you prefer to leave your phone and other devices out of the bedroom for the night and you only sometimes read before nighttime - do you really need a big nightstand with lots of drawers for storage? Or will an ottoman or stool do the job just as well on those occasions when you need to place something next to your bed? Decide what you need and declutter the space. In return you will get the much needed peace and comfort for your physical and mental self.

2. Invest in quality bed linen

When it comes to investments, your sheets and pillows are pieces that are worth investing in. And with investing I mean time more than money. You have to invest time to understand the concept of the interior you want to create, the color palette of the room as well as materials [or patterns] you would want to see on your bed. You don't necessarily need Egyptian cotton sheets, but you need to have bed linen in which you want to sleep in. You need to feel that small spark of joy each time you climb into bed. Perhaps you've always dreamed of floral or graphic print bedding? Maybe you feel comfortable in rainbow colored interiors and want to have the same color scheme on your bed? Options are endless, and to be honest the biggest problem is to choose!

3. Make your bedroom smell nice

Scented candles, aroma diffusers and essential oils will help to make your bedroom smell lovely and give that retreat feeling every time you need a shuteye. Opt for a drop of lavender whenever you need calmness, or eucalyptus in the flu season as it fights nasal congestion and will help you get back on your feet that much quicker. if you are a candle person than you'll know the dim light will help to calm and sooth the mind, which is exactly what you need for a good night's sleep.

4. Style your bed

This must be the most important step to achieve a true spa hotel inspired bedroom. The bed needs to look inviting, cosy and comfy therefore a perfect bed styling moment is an absolute must. Decorative throw pillows, throw blanket, bed spread and all other decorative details will transform your bedroom in a relaxin sanctuary. For our bedroom interior we have chosen 4 decorative pillows along two sleeping pillows for a aesthetically pleasing view. One of the pillows is this Wild Thing one from our Urban Jungle pillow collection, and other three decorative cushion covers are coming from H&M. As we are going for a modern bohemian look, we are using neutral color palette combined with black, white and green shades. In this post you can see a little sneak peek of our ORC bedroom styling. We [me & John] love to keep our living space neutral, so it's not too girly and not too stiff or masculine either, and so a modern bohemian interior style is our best fit. We love to travel and love to combine various different interior styles in one that truly reflects ourselves.
Let us know if you have any tips for the perfect bedroom interior and stay tuned for more One Room Challenge updates next week!

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