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One Room Challenge 2018: Office Kitchen Design - Week 1

It is our very first time participating in this event, and we do hope that this will be as interesting of a journey to you as it is for us! We will make sure to share every ORC update on our Instagram as well as Facebook, so you could follow along our kitchen remodel plan and perhaps find some inspiration for your next interior project.

Greenhouse inspired restaurant interior with white floors and rustic furniture

Story behind the kitchen design concept

I must say that it started a year ago in London. Me [Liv] and my partner [John] were staying in London for a business related matter, and as any design addict would, we searched for some beautiful spaces & places to lunch, shop and simply experience London vibes. One morning John took me to this amazing restaurant for breakfast, called Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings Restaurant and I fell in love. I fell in love with the idea of a old rustic metal garden table being used as a dining table! [So chic, being a dining room table on a budget at the same time!] The clear glass that covered the surface made it look so fabulous that I knew I had to have this [or something very similar] in Livette's brand new headquarters. The design of this restaurant is exceptional [as well as the food!], and to get an idea of why I loved it so much, I have included a couple of photos below for you to understand the vibe that I'm going for in our kitchen interior.

Greenhouse inspired restaurant interior in London

The design of the dining area of the restaurant is vintage greenhouse inspired and in combination with the marble, clear glassware and tropical print armchairs is simply stunning! The vibe of this space is very inviting and relaxing, which is exactly what I am going for in Livette's kitchen interior.

Greenhouse inspired livingroom interior with tropical print chairs and rustic table

The image above depicts the very same table that started this whole design concept. It looks so elegant and relaxed at the same time - a simple perfection! Simplicity and chic is probably my favourite combo, be it fashion, interior design or food, I feel this is something you can never go wrong with.

Relaxing greenhouse inspired office kitchen

So a little more about the kitchen itself. As Livette's office is located on two levels, in a very industrial area of Riga, glancing out of the window you see old factory buildings and not a lots of trees or greenery, which are naturally relaxing for a human mind. Therefore all of this scenery needed to be brought inside for my busy bees and myself to have a space to unwind and relax - to be able to perform as well as possible. I'm attaching the mood board below for you to get the idea of the main elements of this interior concept.

One Room Challenge 2018, Livettes office kitchen remodel

As you can see it is quite feminine, with a vintage touch combined with bold modern glassware & porcelain. As the color of the walls and floors in kitchen area are light, and I love my black & white interior design, I needed to include some pops of accent colors to make this room feel cosy and put together. Therefore the main colors of this room are light grey and white in combination with lots of greenery and black and white design elements, along with the main statement piece - the pink retro fridge!

Our very own indoor garden

This room needs to make you feel as if you are dining in a greenhouse, because of that the room will be filled with lots and lots of greenery. This time I'm going for a variety of leafy plants to have that garden vibe and our Strelitzia Nicolai is the queen of the house. To stress the indoor garden vibe even more, a lot of greenery prints will be used throughout the interior, such as these leafy hand towels from H&M, as well as paper napkins, porcelain and even framed prints.

Simple white kitchen

As this kitchen remodel is happening on a budget, many of the things will be kept low-key. For example, the kitchen area itself will be very simple - plain white kitchen cabinets only on floor level. As it is an office kitchen, there is no need for cooking or baking, hence a two meter long counter top will do just fine.

Feminine chic accents

To keep things interesting, there will be a lot of posh decor accents, such as my beloved rustic garden table. Unfortunately I was not able to find a true oldie, but our local decor store had a rustic-looking garden table with a lovely metal detail around it, so I had my winner!

To spice up the kitchen area, we will be using a faux marble counter top with a fabulous print, along with gorgeous brass cabinet handles from Superfront. The rustic dining table will have a custom made glass top so it would be easy to dine [& clean!] and to tie in the clear glass even more, we will do a DIY bubble lamp above the dining table. Finished off with vintage decor pieces, different material textures and marble removable wallpaper, this kitchen design will be a combination of minimalism in it's colors, eclecticism in decor and maximalism in terms of greenery. Something I will be trying for the very first time and I hope it will deliver the vibe that I'm going for! Stay tuned for One Room Challenge week 2!

Livettes wallpaper owner Liv

One Room Challenge Guest participant Spring 2018

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