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Shopping for the perfect bedside table | One Room Challenge - Week 2

Week 2 of One Room Challenge has arrived and this week we are shopping for the perfect bedside table for our modern bohemian master bedroom interior. Leave a comment below of your favourite nightstand to help us decide!

As we wrote in our ORC Week 1 post, we are working with a rental apartment and our plan is to achieve modern boho bedroom interior style. The not so good quality images below (sincere apologies!) depict the starting point of this room. The apartment is located in an industrial part of the city and the whole building is designed in a Scandinavian style. Black window frames, white concrete & marble as well as light wood cladding can be found in almost any of the apartments. In our apartment, you can find this beautiful wood cladding in the bedroom interior. As we are working with this beautiful natural backdrop, the wallpaper will be installed on the opposite side of the bed to accentuate a tiny workspace.

One room challenge 2019 week 2, spring edition.

As we mentioned before, the space of this room is rather small, however we are working with a very generous 12ft high ceiling which makes the room actually feel very spacious. The blank wall visible in the image below is where we plan to put a bamboo desk we found in IKEA - perfect for the style of the room. To make the room more interesting and the workspace 'pop', we plan to install removable wallpaper on this blank wall. Currently our eye is on Black Delicate Herringbone wallpaper, however I'm concerned that it could change as the room starts to come together..

One room challenge 2019 spring progress photos - week 2

The bed we have chosen is Kopardal dark grey bed frame from IKEA which plays very well with the dark frame windows adding a bit of industrial feel to the room. However the interior decor will be the key ingredient for bringing in the bohemian vibe to this otherwise very Scandi inspired interior. Below you can see our 5 favourite bedside table options that could work perfectly with this tiny space and the interior style we are going with.

Shopping for the perfect modern boho nightstand - one room challenge 2019, week 2.

We are debating between contemporary and bohemian style nightstands as this time we are going through this One Room Challenge without a very specific game plan. Given we mainly have to think about the decorating part, we are challenging ourselves to actually make these decisions within the 6 week time frame. And let me tell you, it is not as easy as you would think... Given the backdrop for the nightstand will be this light wood cladding, we have narrowed down our two favourites.


1. Markmaker side table by Anthropologie

Tribal bohemian stool in black and white colors for scandi boho bedroom interior.

First of which is this Markmaker tribal inspired side table by Anthropologie. Very bohemian, very compact (only 14.25 inches wide) and very decorative! Perfect for placing a cup of tea to sip in the evening while diving in a good book. But would it pop enough against the wall, given it would be in the darkest corner?


2. TiME side table by nordi furniture.

Minimal design bedside table design. Black geometric wooden stool design.

The other one that stole my heart is this very modern (but timeless) looking stool / side table by nordi furniture. A local brand that does spectacular wooden furniture pieces!

Black wood texture of a geometric bedside table design.

The texture of this one on it's own is just breathtaking and that angular shape is an amazing juxtaposition to what you are normally used to when thinking of wooden stump-like side tables. It's also very compact and would fit neatly next to the bed and stand out against the wooden wall. I'm torn!


What do you think? Which of these two side tables would you choose?

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