How to measure your wall

One of the main things that seems to confuse people is that our wallpaper comes in panels, instead of rolls. So both height and width of the wall due to be covered should be considered when doing the calculations. Another thing to keep in mind is different sizing of materials. We offer two materials - self adhesive and traditional. Self adhesive material is available in 19” width panels, in 4 different heights (48”; 96”; 108”; 120”), the traditional material panel is 25” wide and comes in 4 different heights (96”; 108”; 120”; 144 ).
First measure total height and width of the wall in question. When you have the measurements, next step is to divide the total width of the wall with the width of one panel ( 19” for self adhesive material and 25” for traditional material), round the result up and the number shows you how many panels you would need to cover your wall. Finally you have to determine which height of panel would be the best for your wall. It should be exactly the height of your wall or taller.
Measuring a rectangular wall
Wall measuring details
In case of a slanted wall, you have to measure the width of the wall and the maximum height, that will have to be considered as the height of the panels to order. Again, estimate how many panels would you need to cover the wall and your done. 
Measuring a slanted wall
Measuring details
If the wall you are planning to cover has a window, door or any other object that can’t be and won't be moved, we suggest to order a full wall of wallpaper and cut around the obstacle on spot, while applying. That will ensures the pattern to match on the wall. Again, measure the total width, calculate how many panels you would need, pick the height and add to cart.
Measuring a wall with and obstacle
Measuring a wall before ordering wallpaper