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3 Coastal Style Decorating Ideas

coastal style decorating ideasWhen hearing the words Coastal interior design, we instantly think of a beachy, Hamptons inspired interior with elements from scenic beaches and coastlines, where shades of blue and white peak throughout the whole home. But the truth is, there are many other types of coastal interior styles to take inspiration from, depending on your whereabouts. Keep on reading this blog post to find out what other coastal styles there are and see how we have styled each one with our wallpaper designs! 

Beach House Coastal

The traditional approach to a coastal home interior is pretty simple - white paint, wooden or wickered design elements and a touch of outdoors with neutral colors that draw inspiration from the sand, sea and sky. We believe that styling a coastal beach house can not be overdone with bold colors, instead, trying to keep everything in the same color palette and focusing on bringing a relaxing, sophisticated sense to a home.
coastal seashells inspired wallpaper in dining room
For styling purposes we chose our seaside wallpaper named Coastal Shells from the Beach House Collection, which perfectly reflects life at the beach and can be paired together with all the soft and natural elements easily. Incorporating different textures is the key to every home, but especially to a traditional beach house, as we are trying to implement that waterside living to everyday life - choose linen for softness, jute for practicality and as a sustainable option for the eco-conscious decorators, brass to bring in a little rustic accent to the space and last but not least the porous vase for layering and decorating purposes.
beach house decorating inspiration

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Mediterranean Coastal

A true coastal Mediterranean home for me associates with a neutral color scheme (with a few blues, greens and terracotta mixed in), tiles, natural finishes, and of course we can not forget about the exposed beams and arched windows, doorways. The best way to style a Mediterranean home is by mixing rustic with modern and keeping everything open, light and airy, which will create that eclectic feel to a home but still maintain the coastal freedom that this particular style has to offer.
lisbon inspired tile print wallpaper in burgundy color for dining room
To showcase how we would style a Mediterranean inspired coastal home, we chose this Elegant Neutral Tiles Removable Wallpaper in custom color Clay from our Modern Mediterranean Collection. To achieve a Coastal Mediterranean style interior, think of the coastline of Spain, Greece and Italy - rocky coastlines, salty air, olive and fig trees - which resonate well with organic materials and textures, as well as a light color palette with pops of bright hues throughout. In the mood board, we have selected design elements that are full of character, with rich, deep colors and a unique story.
mediterranean inspired costal home decorations

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Tropical Coastal

For inspiration we went for the Palm Beach style - vibrant colors combined with patterns, inspired by tropical destinations in a sophisticated location - a gorgeous combination! As much as it is a statement style, the perfect base for all things pastel, bold colors or patterns is a simply clean white. It can be a simple decorative object or any kind of furniture piece, the white helps create an airy atmosphere and allows light to bounce off the surfaces, resulting in a bright and sunny home interior! 
tropical green palm leaves wallpaper in living room
For a Palm Beach inspired home interior, we chose our fun and colorful Palm Leaves Removable Wallpaper from our Modern Bohemian Collection. This particular wallpaper design is the perfect backdrop for styling a tropical interior as it is a statement by itself. Styling a statement wallpaper does not have to be a challenge, especially if you are trying to achieve a Palm Beach style interior - mix in vibrant colors, energetic fun patterns, style with furniture pieces in wicker and rattan, and add tropical accents. It is definitely an eclectic mix of styles, where preppy meets mid century modern and a little bit of a vintage 60's blended in, therefore, be bold with your choices if you are trying to achieve this coastal interior in your own home.
palm beach inspired interior with decorating items

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We hope that you enjoyed this beachy, summery blog post featuring our coastal and mediterranean style wallpaper designs and check out our newest additions to the collections for more inspiration!

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