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Weekend Wallpaper DIY | Wallpaper Lamp Shades

Weekend Wallpaper DIY - Wallpaper Lamp Shades
Have you got some leftover wallpaper or wallpaper samples? There are many DIY projects where you could use the leftover material to create a new decor, detail or add an original touch to an existing one. In this blog post we would like to show you an original idea, how you can use the leftover wallpaper to create a new design lampshade or restore an old one and give it a new fresh look.

Creating A Wallpaper Lampshade

DIY Seafood Wallpaper Lampshade
To create a lampshade, you will need: the wallpaper of your choice, scissors, double-sided sticky tape, sharp craft knife, lamp shade frame of your choice, cloth pegs, glue, cloth measuring tape, a loyalty card or any other card, or a flat rounded wood tool, seams for the perfect finish. To make the lampshade, as the first step, you will need to measure the size of the shade. Afterwards carefully cut it out leaving some excess for folding and, using the double-sided sticky tape, carefully stick it to the lampshade wire frame. For a perfect result use seams in the color of your choice to cover the top and bottom lines of your lampshade. For a more detailed guide to creating a wallpaper lampshade, you can visit the Lampshade With Wallpaper of Fabric post by Leah FrenchIn the photo above we can see a gorgeous lampshade done by Nathalie where she has used our Gourmet Seafood Picnic Removable Wallpaper from our Modern Mediterranean Collection to create a lampshade that definitely could be a perfect addition to a kitchen interior or a sea food cafe for a fun and eye-catching decor.
DIY Vintage Cocktail Party Wallpaper Lampshade
You can buy or order a new lampshade frame to create a completely new lampshade or use a frame from an old lamp to give it a fresh and original new look that might ease the process as less things will need to be gathered or bought for the DIY project. Above we can see another beautiful lampshade created by Nathalie to inspire from, where in this project she has used our Vintage Cocktail Party Removable Wallpaper to create a retro inspired lampshade for a chic interior decor.
If you might love the idea of a unique lampshade with a colorful bold pattern but might not have time or resources to create one yourself, visit Nathalie's instagram page to perhaps find a lampshade that might just suit your style. If, however, you would like to learn more about how to create a paper lampshade at home, check out this inspiring video by House & Garden, where Rosie from Rosi de Ruig shows a step by step guide of how to create your own lampshade.

We hope this blog post gave you some inspiration for a DIY weekend wallpaper project to put that leftover wallpaper or samples in use and create a beautiful, original design piece at home. In case you are looking for more ideas of where to use the leftover wallpaper, visit our 5 DIY Projects With Leftover Wallpaper blog post.

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