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Christmas gift ideas for interior lovers | Contemporary design

Our first Christmas gift guide post (yes, there will be more) is dedicated to modern interior design enthusiasts. Luxurious and trendy but yet sophisticated. We combined a perfect gift set for a contemporary style living room chill spot. See the full list of gifts and where to buy the below!

Gift No.1 - Set of six mirrored coastersBoxed Set of Six Mirrored Coasters - Stardust Blue

Inspired by the navy blue night sky, a boxed set of six mirrored coasters is our first choice. They will protect the table surface from heat and stains with style. Since they reflect light, they also look beautiful as candle holders.

Gift No.2 - Animal print washed the linen pillow coverLeopard print washed linen pillow cover in black & white

Animal prints are one of the biggest fashion and interior trend in 2018. Anyone who follows design trends would love to get their hands on washed linen cushion cover with modern animal print on it. Check Livette's Wallpaper pillow collections and pick your fave! Cushion covers come in a beautiful matte white box that already looks like a tasteful gift packaging.

Gift No.3 - Candle snifferModern candle sniffer form Zara Home

Handy candle sniffer is a 'must have' tool in any home. This steel candle sniffer with gold color finish has a simple and modern design. Its esthetic look will perfectly fit in any interior style.

Gift No.4 - Sandalwood scented candle Sandalwood scented candle in a gold glass holder

Candles are a great gift for those who love to create a cozier interior atmosphere. This Sandalwood candle in a decorative velvet-covered cardboard box combined with previously mentioned candle sniffer would make an excellent, more complete Christmas gift.

Gift No.5 - Animal print blanket Grey animal print blanket with fringes

An ideal match to leopard print washed linen pillow cover is this soft animal print weave blanket. Another chic and trendy detail is the fringes on the short sides. This modern blanket will warm up any interior lovers heart for sure.

Gift No.6 - Stoneware vaseHead-shaped vase in glazed stoneware

Lately, contemporary interior design is not only about minimalism. To keep everything clean but still interesting - choose decor pieces like this head-shaped vase in glazed stoneware. Its eye-catching design creates a classy vibe with a modern twist.

Gift No.7 - Graphic Strike MatchesColorful matches, featuring a custom box with corresponding strike dots along sides

In order to complete this gift set, one last piece was needed. As the last Christmas gift, we added cool and playful blue matches that will go hand in hand with previously mentioned blue coasters.

What do you think about our Christmas gift ideas? Feel free to pin these gift ideas and leave a comment if you have any questions!

 Christmas gift ideas for contemporary interior lovers

Christmas gift shopping list:

1. Boxed set of six mirrored coasters | Antique Mirror

2. Leopard print washed linen pillow cover | Livette's Wallpaper

3. Candle sniffer | Zara Home

4. Sandalwood candle | H&M Home

5. Jacquard-weave blanket | H&M Home

6. Stoneware vase | H&M Home

7. Graphic Strike Matches | Urban Outfitters

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