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Home decor by fashion designers

For this months top picks I have gone for a new area - fashion. It is well know that fashion designers sometimes broaden the borders of their expertise by creating home decor lines or collaborating with high end interior labels. Anything from interior textiles to furniture, from home accessories to rugs. American fashion icon and interior designer Iris Apfel has even said on this matter "Fashion and interior design are one and the same." I have chosen few pieces of eye candy to show you how high fashion of interior looks.

Cristina Celestino for Fendi

Accent coffee tale set by Fendi

My first pick is this gorgeous coffee table collection from Fendi's collaboration with Italian designer and architect Cristina Celestino for the Design Miami in 2016. It is a part of the installation “Happy room” Reference to 50s design, polished brass and marble combinations. The shape is basically an enlarged woman's stud earring. Whimsical, slightly ironical, yet elegant. These are collectors pieces, not available for sale to public, but are an excellent source of inspiration.

Vivienne Westwood x Rug Company

Vivienne Westwood design rug

Vivienne Westwood is one of the most extravagant fashion designers in modern fashion. She has collaborated with Rug Company for collection of her design rugs and pillows. I have chosen this handknotted Tibetan wool and silk rug. It would fit perfectly in any interior, but still has an edge, characteristic of Vivienne Westwood’s iconic style. The design is Westwood’s tribute to the Scottish nature, milk thistle in particular, just as simple as that. She stays true to her roots in Great Britains land, just as with her world renowned fashion brand, as until this day she uses mostly fabrics made in Scotland, Ireland and England.

Fendi Casa

Ascetic arm chair by Fendi

I have returned to Fendi for this item. It is a current piece from their Fendi Casa range. A refined, classic design arm chair. With the emerald green color, it works perfectly as an accent chair even without extraordinary shape or additional elements. Fendi was established in 1925 as a fur and leather goods brand, until this day they are worldly know for their immaculate leather goods. The same can be applicable to their sophisticated homeware collections.

Cristian Lacroix

Art Deco design dish set Lacroix

This dish set by Christian Lacroix caught my eye with it’s uncomplicated but still chic look. Black and white, gold and silver, these combinations never go out of style. The clean shape allows to dress this set up for a fancy dinner or dress it down for a everyday use, to make every meal special. Just as Christian Lacroix fashion stands out on the streets of Paris since the 80’s this will be a perfectly fine addition to your china cupboard.

Gucci Casa

Chiavari chair in Gucci design

One of the most hyped brands today is Gucci. If you are not into handbags or sneakers or T-shirts, but still love brand’s aesthetic, their home line might be just for you. I have picked a chiavari chair with GG jacquard. We are used to bold colors and funky patterns and prints on Gucci, but this is quite subtle. Though there are few details that show that it is non other than Gucci - the GG logo on the jacquard and the bees, they bring back once in a while to their designs and of course the bamboo details on the chair construction.

Matthew Williamson x Osborne & Little

Wallpaper design in subtle color scheme

Finally I have gone for this mesmerising wallpaper by Matthew Williamson x Osborn and Little. Bold colors and attention to detail has always been a trademark of Mathew Williamson and he continues his style also in his home line. The design is actually neutral, very catchy at the same time. It is filled with detailed elements, but everything is kept in the same color scheme, so it is not too busy for your everyday living space.

There are so many more options to explore. From accessories, that could works a starter piece to full furniture sets. If you are into luxury not only in your closet but also your home decor, fashion designer pieces is the way to go!

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