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Coral wallpaper collection - behind the scenes

Inspired by Living Coral - Pantone Color of the Year 2019 - we created and launched a modern wallpaper collection for the bathroom interior. How did we do it? Well - take a glimpse! Here is a small part of the design process behind our coral wallpaper collection which includes three modern designs. See below how everything came together.

Bathroom interior

Trendy bathroom decor - pink salt and white decorative coral

Our first task was to decide - where would this wallpaper go. With no doubts, our choice was the bathroom interior. It seemed the most logical room where to use coral colors and patterns. As our living coral inspiration mood board proved - coral tones can refresh your bathroom and bring in joyful vibes.

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Color scheme

Blue color scheme for modern bathroom interior

Living coral tones are very vibrant. If used too much it can take over other interior colors and accessories, so remember - less is more. We decided to combine it with other complimentary colors on a white background to achieve the perfect balance and harmony.

Pattern design

White coral decor for bathroom interior

No coral is the same shape or size. We wanted to highlight that and use its organic forms to create a more natural look pattern. The outcome was three unique and charming pattern wallpaper designs inspired by coral shapes, tones, and the ocean itself. Ideal for nautical interior lovers who wish to add a reef-inspired design into their homes.

Design technique

Inspiration image with pink salt and white tray for bathroom

When we knew what shapes and colors we wanted to create - the last task was to find the perfect technique that would meet our expectations and deliver the patterns as we had imagined them. With watercolors, we achieve that authentic appearance. This painting technique has its own character and perfectly suited our coral wallpaper concept.

Coral art created with watercolor for bathroom interior

What do you think about the Living coral color trend? Would you use coral tone accessories and pattern wallpaper in your bathroom interior design? Feel free to leave your comment and thoughts below!

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