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Interior design trends of 2019 | Paint colors

Pantone Color of the Year - Living Coral

Interior and fashion trends are always dictated by Pantone's color of the year and this year it is Living Coral. It is a rather bold color and it can be hard to style it in your home interior so that it wouldn't get overwhelming. However if you know a few simple tricks, it can be done very beautifully! Our favourite approach for bringing warm and vibrant shades in the interior is to mix them together with light colors and natural materials, just like in the image below. Fade the brightness of Living Coral with light wood furniture, woven baskets and light linen curtains, pillows and blankets. Overall it creates a very nice color palette and the space seems welcoming and relaxing - we think, perfect for living room or kitchen interior!
Pantone color of the year 2019, Living coral in living room interior.
Bathroom interior is another fabulous space where to style Pantone's color of the year. Living Coral as other warm colors can evoke feelings of happiness and energy. Spruce up your all-white bathroom interior with coral color tiles behind a vanity or in the shower and make those morning shower rituals even more fantastic and step out of your home feeling optimistic, energized and ready to seize the day!
Pantone color of the year 2019, Living coral styled in bathroom interior.

PPG Paints Color of the Year - Night Watch

Another paint color trend of 2019 that we love is this bold green shade by PPG Paints. Night watch is one of those fantastic paint colors that can create a sophisticated and moody vibes in your home interior. Mix it with mid-century modern furniture, brass home decor and plenty of greenery for a moody bohemian inspired home. Or create a Parisian inspired home with white ceilings and ceiling moldings, fantastic chandelier and velvet furniture.
Mid-century modern interior with PPG color of 2019, Night watch.
Another way to keep up with paint color trends of 2019 is to bring these colors in as home decors. For example, if you have chairs that are calling for a reupholstery - that's the way to go! Even as little as brand new furniture [color] can bring a fresh new look to your home. Find a fabric that is similar to PPG Paints Night Watch and get crafty!
Moody living room with dark green velvet chairs.

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year - Cavern Clay

Sherwin William's Cavern Clay is the perfect paint color for living room interiors. It is warm, inviting and can be styled in several interior style schemes. We are loving this minimalistic aztec inspired interior in the image below. Tribal home decor is very on trend this year and Cavern Clay is the perfect complementing paint color for this decor style! It makes the patterned decors more subtle and creates a cohesive color palette together with other warm tapestries and rattan interior decor elements. Some greenery, of course, always helps!
Sherwin Williams Carven Clay color 2019 styled in tribal living room interior.
If you don't want to go bold and paint walls, consider adding this lovely warm shade in your bedroom as a bed linen. Those natural washed linen fabrics look exceptionally stunning in darker more vibrant shades and will add a touch of luxe in your master bedroom interior!
Master bedroom interior with washed linen covers in color Cavern Clay.

Dulux Color of the Year - Spiced Honey

Spiced Honey by Dulux is a lovely natural shade that works equally stunning in light and dark interiors. For a calming boho interior consider mixing it with lots of white just as in the image below. Add in similar shades with pampas grass, light wicker baskets or light wooden furniture. To extend the calming, light color palette add light grey home decor elements!
Entryway interior with Dulux Spiced Honey paint color 2019.
Cushion covers is the most simple way to follow trends and get rid of them when they're gone! However if you're not the one who follows trends, but do love Spiced Honey color - opt for natural light wooden furniture instead! It is in the Spiced Honey color family and will be more timeless than boldly colored walls.
Beach boho living room interior with Dulux Spiced Honey home decor.

Behr Color of the Year - Blueprint

Behr's color of the year must be the top choice for beach house themed interiors. It is slightly greyish and very sophisticated as it looks fantastic when combined with white and brass colors and light wood furniture. For an outstanding look, pair it with several other shades of blue, including darker tones such as navy blue - it will pop beautifully against those and make the brass elements stand out even more!
Behr color of 2019, Blueprint in powder room interior.
If you're not up to re-painting your walls though, consider purchasing blue colored bed linen or throw blankets to refreshen your master bedroom interior. Blue color in particular is an amazing choice for master bedroom interiors as it represents serenity, stability and heaven - which is the calm and relaxing vibe you want in your bedroom interior. And as little as blue throw pillows or framed art will do the trick!
Blueprint color 2019, blue bed linen duvet covers in bohemian interior.
Have you already tried any of these paint colors of the year 2019? Perhaps you have any helpful tips on how to easily refresh the interior according to everchanging color trends? Don't hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below, we're always happy to learn something new!
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