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Design Destination: Hotel Montana in Paris

What a surreal place you might say! And you would not be wrong as this next design destination is a mind-bending hotel space in Paris, France with artsy interior inspired by nothing less than… yes, you guessed it right, one of the most eccentric art movements - Surrealism.

La Gauche Caviar restaurant at Hotel Montana Paris

Since the 1950s first floor of the building has always housed a club popular amongst Pariselite. The overall style of the rest of the floors (one suite per each floor) seems to resemble this avant-garde party theme.

Suite in Montana Hotel Paris

The interior of Montana Hotel was designed by architect Elizabeth Lemercier and interior architect-designer, already famous for his bizarre projects - Vincent Darré. Some of the surrealist furniture used in the interior of the suites is from Darré's own line Maison Darré.

Suite in Montana Hotel Paris

Even though each suite creates its own little world, the overall style is bold, eccentric and like nothing you'll see in hotels elsewhere.

Black and White Bathroom in Hotel Montana Paris

The all black & white bathrooms create a nice contrast between the crazy and colorful Surrealist world of each suite.

Noir Suite in Hotel Montana Paris

In the world created by Lemercier and Darre colors complement each other, patterns highlight them, furniture gives life to the room and overall design screams creativity! Each detail is actually quite simple on its own, so if there is one thing we can learn from this interior, it's that simple things can create a remarkable piece of art if combined with thinking out of the ordinary.

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