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Essentials for an elegant Halloween dinner party

It's end of October, fall has come upon us and Halloween is almost here. If you are the one hosting annual Halloween dinner this year, this post might help you create elegant yet mysterious table setting and the overall feeling to the party. Use your interior as a background for decorating. I have gone for dark colours, candles, extravagant flower arrangements and suitable food. Don't forget about classical music in the background and let's go!


halloween candle light table setup ascetic interiorUse candles! The more the better! Dim the lights, close curtains and leave the room lit up by only candles. Spread them all around the room, not only table. Use different height and shape candles, mix materials of the candleholders. There can't bee too much candle light, especially on Halloween.


accent flower arrangement

One more thing you can go all out on is flower arrangements. The example I have chosen for inspiration is Putnam flower arrangement, a mix of white flowers, dark greens and what seem to be some poisonous berries. For your centrepiece you can mix in some branches for a ghostly and abandoned house feel. Artichokes are one of my personal favourites to add to flower arrangements for a more special atmosphere. Also a good addition might be thistles, callas, kale, basically anything that looks interesting and unusual and you can get a hold of.

Table setting

table setting in dark colours with accents for halloween dinner party

Last step to finished dinner table set up is arranging. Start with table cloth, add placemats and several layers of other table clots for a richer look. Sort out the seating. For the guests to know your intentions use name cards, another small but eye catching detail. I would suggest going for black or any dark color plates and antique (or at least antique looking) cutlery, just as Camille Styles, we have taken inspiration from. I trust everyone can find something from their home decor bits that would fit on a whimsical halloween dinner table. Simply think outside the box! Put the flowers and all the other detail pieces to places and light the candles. Your table is set for drinks, good food and great evening!


bright blackberry margarita on dry ice

One usually welcomes their guests into their home offering a drink. You can go for a glass of red wine that would perfectly fit into the theme. But you can also go that extra mile and take your guests by surprise. I can't imagine more appropriate drink for a Halloween party than this. Blackberry margarita topped up with dry ice by Lauren of Wicked Spatula. Cheers!

Main course

squid ink black pasta with octopus

Seems like the most basic thing - pasta with seafood. But not exactly. This time it is black squid ink pasta with octopus and tomato garlic sauce. It not only looks amazing, but tastes like heaven. And is on spot with the atmosphere we are going for. Sophisticated and impressive.


cherry chocolate cake food styling

It's not Halloween without sweets. Cherry and chocolate cake is the most luscious dessert I can think of. It looks majestic, tastes wonderful and works perfectly as cherry on the top of the dinner party, literally!

Special treat

wall mural with floral design in grey and gold

We have one more treat for you! Livettes Wallpaper team has been working hard for last few months and we are coming up with a new range of 20+ wall murals very soon. First sneak peek is this baroque design with flower bouquet in gold and grey, from upcoming Majestic Florals collection. Perfect for styling a dining room and as a background to some gorgeous selfies! Stay tuned for the big reveal!
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