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Brass Accents With Matte Black - interior mood board

It’s November and we feel a need for some strong contrasts in our interior. That is why this Mood Board Monday is inspired by brass and matte black color combination. These two materials are perfect for kitchen, bathroom or bedroom design. If you are planning to redesign your living space or just slightly improve it - take a peek on our examples for aesthetic brass and matte black combinations and get ready for upcoming Black Friday 2018!

Brass and matte black accents for modern interior design

For this mood board, we have picked marble texture wallpaper combined with black abstract painting texture. If you are interested to put on your wall similar painting to this one - check out Pierre Soulages works.
As for accent pieces, our first pick is reed oil diffuser in dark old-school look glass bottle. Perfect for bathroom or living room to give space a more pleasant scent. Clock with modern and minimal illustration design (my favorite accent piece) in the middle. Its aesthetic design will fit great in different interior styles. And then, of course, comes the main accent piece - glass boxes with a brass frame. Brass is a missing puzzle piece that connects everything together. Combined with previously mentioned matte accessories - brass will stand out even more.
A great example of brass and matte black combo are these candle holders. Candles will create a more cozy atmosphere in any interior. Another important aspect when mixing these materials is to use more black than brass and not the other way around. A good example is this modern digital artwork where black is used as a base. When decorating your interior, keep in mind - everything must be in balance. Matte black look good not only with brass but with white as well. Go for white decor such as pillows with simple and fun designs.
Once everything is combined together you get sophisticated and modern interior with strong contrasts and bright accents like in this bathroom from "Only Deco Love". This project is an exact reflection of our inspiration mood board.

Would you try this combination in your home? Feel free to Pin this mood board and share it with your friends!

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