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wallpaper custom colors guide
Working on an interior project can be creative and fun but also challenging. Choosing a wallpaper color scheme that corresponds to your space and creates the intended mood can be one of the challenges – so many options and color combinations to choose from. How to find the right one? Livette's Wallpaper offer to customize colors for most of our designs, and our designers have some advice to make the process easier. In this blog, you’ll find out how to choose the right wallpaper color combo for your interior project and tips along the way!


Most of Livette's Wallpaper designs have two colors –  a brighter pattern and a neutral, white, or off-white background. It is the most common & safest color combination that you can apply to almost any design, and it will look good – you won't go wrong with this one! 

wallpaper pattern and background color explained

But if you want to combine two custom colors in your wallpaper design – like, blue for the pattern and light brown for the background? Will they work together?

To understand – if your chosen colors match one another – there are a few things to consider.


Every room has its style, theme, or mood. If you want to freshen up or change the style of your interior, adding wallpaper can easily do the job. Colors have a massive impact on setting the mood, and we advise you to answer a few questions before choosing custom colors for your wallpaper:


  • What is your interior style or theme (boho, coastal, farmhouse, retro, etc.)?
  • What mood do you want to create?
  • Do you want the wallpaper to be more of a subtle backdrop or an eye-catching statement wall?

wallpaper color guide for each interior style

When you put your mind on a style or mood you want to create, it is easier to understand what color wallpaper you need for your project. Say – you set your mind on coastal style. Shades of blue and neutrals come to mind. But if you want to remodel your bedroom to a moody one, darker blue and green might do the job. Or maybe you want to match wallpaper to a painting or another object you already have? We can also do that!

For Livette’s Wallpaper designs, we use two beautiful color palettes – Elegant Neutrals and Bright & Modern. We advise you to choose custom colors from our palettes because these are the colors we have carefully selected and tested on both – removable and traditional wallpaper material. And it is also possible to match wallpaper colors to your project or paint from companies like Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore.



The tricky part about color combinations is that the same color combination might work with one design and don’t look good with another. Why so? It is often because of the pattern scale and proportions against the background.

wallpaper colors combinations explainedVery delicate and thin lines and patterns might blend with the background if you combine two light colors, like mist and off-white. Though, if a very subtle wallpaper is what you are looking for, you might like this combo! The same color combination – mist and off-white – might look very different on larger-scale wallpaper patterns like Neutral Color London Metro Lines Wallpaper, where the mist pattern does not blend with the background.

two color wallpaper guide

The same principle applies if you combine two bright colors or colors with the same intensity and saturation. The vivid background might overpower intricate patterns or thin lines. And again – if the pattern and background proportions in a wallpaper design are 50/50 or similar like the Classic Houndstooth Wallpaper, two bright colors will work together beautifully.

dark color wallpaper combinations

Consider pattern scale and proportions if you’re thinking about dark background colors or black as the base color – it might not work with all designs. Dark backgrounds might dominate the pattern and make it unnoticeable. If you have doubts about whether to go with a dark background for a wallpaper design – feel free to contact our customer service for advice or a digital mockup with your imagined color combo!


3. Monochrome color combinations look harmonious!

If you want a color combination that will look elegant and harmonious, we advise you to stick to a monochrome look – choose various shades of the same color or color family. This easy yet effective method will add depth and interest to your interior, giving it an elegant and sophisticated feel. Our designers share a few monochrome color combinations from Livette’s Wallpaper color palette that they can’t get enough with!

monochrome wallpaper color combinations 

There are endless color combinations, and what might work for one person might not work for another. Each of us has a different color perception and idea of how we want to design our home. We hope that this blog will be a helpful guide when choosing colors for your wallpaper project! If you have any doubts about color choice, our customer service and designers will be happy to help you!

Livette's wallpaper graphic designer betty

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