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Is Wallpapering A Good Idea

Is Wallpapering A Good Idea
Planning interior make-over can be very exciting and fun as you find yourself in countless beautiful options to choose from to create the style you have imagined. It can, however, be a nerve-racking and anxious time as well when you have to make some decisions as re-doing the interior can take a lot of time and funds, therefore, you want to make it right for years to come. One major decision that can come in mind when thinking about the interior designs is - wallpaper. To help you see the advantages and potential disadvantages of wallpaper, here will be pros and cons of wallpapering.


Nowadays wallpaper comes in countless styles, colors, materials and patterns that you can choose from. Name it and there probably is an option out there. Our wallpaper comes in two materials - self-adhesive and traditional with both being DIY friendly, therefore, applying your favorite design can be done by yourself as well. Additionally, when deciding that it is time for some changes and new colors, patterns, both of our wallpaper materials are easy to remove as they come off in one piece, therefore, no need to spend hours scraping the wallpaper off to install a new design.
Chic Floral Laundry Room
If we look at other advantages, we can definitely say that wallpapering a wall, ceiling or all walls in a room can give a more eye-catching detail and a wow-factor element in the interior that can also give an artistic touch. Changing those plain colored walls to add some pattern and detail to the interior will definitely give the room a completely different energy and more fun. With wallpaper coming in different styles there are options for both minimalistic and elegant interiors and bold, colorful interior designs. In the photo above, we can see the beautiful laundry room project done by Julie where she has given the space a luxurious and chic vibe with the Granny Chic Floral Print Removable Wallpaper.
Furthermore, if after painting walls every smallest bump can be visible, especially if choosing lighter colors, then with wallpaper you can hide small defects on the wall. Using smaller patterns and darker color wallpaper, you can give your walls a completely new look and a breath of fresh style by hiding any defects. However, take in mind that very textured walls still need to be prepared properly and smoothened before both painting and wallpapering.
Wallpapering Pros And Cons


Trends come and go, therefore, installing wallpaper that in one season is very in style can become outdated after some time. In this case it can be a costly short term joy. This, however, can be avoided by choosing designs that are more timeless with patterns and colors that will be a good investment, giving a qualitative interior design for years to come. However, if you do like to change things up often, then wallpapering can give you countless options to have fun with and add a chic and luxurious vibe to your interior. That is why removable wallpaper is so trendy, because it allows you to easily change the wallpaper to fit the newest interior styles.
Above we can see the before and after photos of a laundry room make-over with added design wallpaper, showing us the difference that a wallpaper can do compared to plainly painted walls. In this project Julie has given the laundry room a completely different atmosphere by wallpapering an accent wall with our Granny Chic Floral Print Removable Wallpaper. The added pop of color and floral pattern on the wall has brightened up the space and made it more welcoming.
When it's time for changes, removing wallpaper can seem as a time consuming process requiring a lot of effort and help from friends and family to get it done faster. Our wallpaper as previously mentioned is removable, meaning that it will come off in the same panels as installed. This is a big advantage when compared to the old-school wallpapers that tear in pieces. However, a successful wallpaper removal depends on how the wall has been prepared for installment before and if primer has been used, as well taking in mind the time the wallpaper has been on the walls and the climate conditions in the room.
We hope these pros and cons of wallpapering will allow your imagination to fly and visualize the interior style you would like to create, and help decide what type of wall covering would be the best option in your next project.
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