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How to: decorate with Terrazzo tile

Chic Scandinavian style interior with terrazzo floors and Eames chairs.

Terrazzo, previously known as a budget-friendly material used for terrace floors and government buildings is now one of the hottest interior trends. With all the possibilities of modifying the material in nearly any color, pattern scale and material, we have listed our favourite interior decor inspo finds for your next decorating project! Think furniture, countertops, tableware, and, oh, so much more...

Terrazzo stairway with brass hand rail

Terrazzo obviously still looks astonishing on floors, (especially if combined with brass details!) but as we can see it has moved upwards and is an equally chic idea for a kitchen & bathroom backsplash design. The subtle pastel toned stone tiles give a feminine vibe, but combined with minimal black and white accents and copper details creates the perfect his & hers mid-century Scandinavian inspired bathroom!

Terrazzo bathroom backsplash in pink

Or you can switch from the same-old marble countertops to terrazzo! We are so in love with this kitchen design and colour palette.. It looks quite feminine, but again the minimal style and black and white accents balance it out nicely!

Pink terrazzo kitchen countertop in white interior

However, if you would like to start small, why not try one of these terrazzo trends for an equally chic effect?

Terrazzo tableware with white terrazzo pattern side table

If you are a foodie, beautiful dinner plates and cutlery are very important thing for each and every meal, it simply makes the food taste even better! And we understand every bit of this - the combination of great design tableware & delicious food is invaluable. Browsing for some new dining room items we stumbled upon this amazing terrazzo tableware by Sevak Zargarian, a ceramic designer based in London, UK. You can see (and order!) all of his beautiful work here.

If you are one who likes to host champagne parties, consider buying (or DIY'ing) a terrazzo table for your bubbly bar. We found some great ones by OK DESIGN & Memphis here! Or, if you have a free weekend for some Terrazzo DIY, here's a link to an IKEA Gladom hack.

Terrazzo pattern shower curtain in white bathroom

For a quick bathroom upgrade, hang some colorful terrazzo shower curtains! It will bring a little coastal vibe in the interior, and is quite possibly one of the most budget-friendly versions of this interior trend. Society6 has some great designs in various colors to fit any bathroom and color palette.

Blue terrazzo removable wallpaper

Last but not least, Terrazzo removable wallpaper is another quick solution for this ultra-trend and we have just the thing for you! Our Coastal collection Terrazzo wallpaper comes in lovely rich blue color palette on a white background. However, keep in mind that everything is made to order, which means colors are customisable to fit in your home interior perfectly!

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