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How To Style Our Delicate Floral Wallpaper - In Every Room Of The House!

Delicate Floral Wallpaper by Livette's Wallpaper styled in different rooms of the house
Lately we've seen our Delicate Floral Wallpaper pop up in every room type and interior style imaginable. Therefore we decided to round up our favourite rooms that feature this oversized yet minimal wall mural design. If you are looking to decorate your home with floral wallpaper any time soon, make sure to browse through this blog post for some inspiration!

1. Nurseries

First off we would like to start with the most popular choice of room for this lovely floral wallpaper. And without a doubt it is a darling baby girl nursery! As the colors for this wallpaper design can be customised, we've seen it installed in numerous different style nurseries, starting with very minimal to bohemian and farmhouse style inspired baby rooms. Because this wallpaper is so delicate, it can be installed as a single accent wall behind the crib, or can go on all the walls and even ceiling! The first nursery we thought was absolutely amazing is this beautiful bohemian paradise designed by Maison Ellie Interiors. It features our Delicate Floral Wallpaper in Nude Pink & Black color variation and blends wonderfully with all the chosen hues of this room.
Modern and girly bohemian style nursery interior with floral removable wallpaper behind crib
Another lovely example of the Delicate Floral wallpaper but in custom colors is this beautiful farmhouse style inspired nursery by Amy Pirri which is pictured below. The wallpaper was customised in White & Black color variation and blends wonderfully with the remaining white walls of the room. The hint of pinks and gold adds a touch of elegance to the room and the overall design is the perfect place for the little one to grow into, don't you think?
White and gold nursery interior with floral wallpaper as accent wall

2. Toddler Rooms

Without a doubt, toddler rooms are the next choice for this wallpaper design. To be honest, the wallpaper design is versatile enough to transition into a teen room or guest room as well, and we believe this might be one of the reasons behind the popularity of this subtle floral design wallpaper. The first toddler room we though we would share with you is this bohemian style girl's bedroom designed by Alli Havrilla. The Delicate Floral Wallpaper was customised in Dusty & Off White color variation and immediately it appears even more softer and delicate than the original Black & Off White color combination.
Subtle bohemian style girls room interior with white bed and light wood furniture
To compare, in this boho style girl's bedroom pictured below our dear client Andrea Weber installed the same wallpaper but in the original Black & Off White color combination. If you are looking for a more contrasting and bold look, this is definitely the color combination for you!
Beach bohemian style girls room with rattan furniture and rainbow themed toys

3. Home Office

Due to lot of us adjusting to work from home, home office renovations have reached the peak in this past year! We have seen this floral wallpaper installed in many different style variations, but two of the most popular ones have been bohemian and farmhouse inspired interiors. The first one was designed by Gabrielle Lelond and it couldn't be more perfect! Even though she admitted that she's not 'floral person' this wallpaper suited her style by adding just the right amount of 'girly' to her very own home office. And we are in love!
Modern boho style home office interior with floral wallpaper accent wall behind desk
Another interesting home office design approach was this industrial farmhouse style home office with an oversized floral accent wall. This room was designed by Amy of Mr. & Mrs. Reno with the original Delicate Floral Wallpaper and in our opinion it has the perfect balance of feminine and industrial office design.
Modern farmhouse chic style home office interior design with floral removable wallpaper

4. Dining Rooms

Why not add a feminine touch to one of the most used spaces in your home? Given the delicate nature of this wallpaper design, it will not overpower the room yet add just the right amount of florals. Either you are designing a neutral color palette inspired interior like Alyssa Brundson or looking to add a subtle backdrop to a colorful dining room setting, this wallpaper might be the one for you! And keep in mind, it comes in any color variation desired..
Minimal bohemian style dining room interior with oversized floral wallpaper accent wall

5. Laundry Rooms

If wallpaper or florals in general are usually not your thing, laundry room might be one of the perfect places to give it a try and see how you actually feel about these things! It's usually a small space and can look good wallpapered completely or just with an accent wall or two. Additionally, it's easily changeable, especially if you choose removable wallpaper! Go with colorful, monochrome, eclectic or sophisticated style, something that you have always thought about, but never let yourself carry out in your home interior. Make this the room the one that makes you smile every time you walk through the door - we're sure you can allow your inner designer go wild here!
Pink and white bohemian style laundry room with flower wallpaper
Small laundry room with oversized floral wallpaper and boho decor

6. Small spaces

Last but not least - the small spaces. Either you would like to use up the leftover wallpaper from another project, or you simply would like to add a beautiful pattern behind your shelving or inside your cabinet drawers, never underestimate the power of small spaces. Especially wallpapered small spaces. This bookshelf project by Blankslatereno required only 2 wallpaper panels, but the result is so worth it!
Dining room book shelf nook with floral removable wallpaper feature wall
We hope this blog gave you some ideas on how to style our Delicate Floral Wallpaper in your home or office interior! If you have any questions or tips, please feel free to leave a comment below. And if you have used this wallpaper in your home interior, make sure to tag us on Instagram, we'd be thrilled to see!

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