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Kid's Bathroom Interior Inspo | Mood Board Monday

Designing children’s bathroom can be challenging, so for our newest Mood Board Monday we put together some ideas for you that might be useful.
When decorating kid's bathroom you can go with a specific theme or go crazy with colors and patterns to make it really stand out, but we prefer something gender-neutral and not too assorted. We think children’s bathrooms have to be fun, but at the same time not too childish, so that both kids and their parents can enjoy their time in this room and your little ones would not get bored of the interior fast.
blue and yellow color scheme kid's bathroom interior inspiration
We thought the perfect colors for kid’s bathroom would be pale blue, sunny yellow and white.  If you are looking for some sunny yellow wallpapers for your own yellow nursery visit our Yellow Kids Wallpaper collection. You can’t go wrong with complimentary colors - they always look good and these specifically would be a great gender-neutral tones. When thinking about textures in this interior, we thought that bathrooms are all about those cozy and soft towels, bathrobes and fuzzy rugs. For fun accents use posters or other hanging wall art, bath toys, laundry baskets and soap dispensers. Choose some bold, eye-catching furnishings to go together with the wallpaper.whimsical kid's bathroom interior mood board with furniture and decor
For this interior we chose our Blue Speckle Wallpaper, which would be great to give kid’s bathroom subtle yet lively look. To accent the walls add some witty hanging posters. These Kids bathroom posters would look great in this interior and also give your kids little reminders. For floor covering we thought this adorable Sage Pom Pom Round Rug would be perfect to match with our wallpaper. Also who said that bathroom vanity has to be in some boring color? This Single Bathroom Vanity Set in color grey blue would be an outstanding statement piece for this interior. Worried that your little one could not reach the tap? Add a step stool that would be both practical and stylish - like this yellow Step Stool from Ikea. Its color would give a contrast and compliment the blue tones in this room. On top of the vanity we would put a soap dispenser or a soap dish and a tumbler for toothbrushes - there are so many beautiful ones to chose from, but we went for something simple yet tasteful like this Star Motif Bathroom Set. To match the step stool we chose the same color Hanging Ceiling Pendant Light - these modest hanging cord lights have been very trendy recently. Also very popular right now are coiled seagrass baskets. You can find them in all kinds of colors and in different sizes and shapes. But for this interior we chose this subtle La Jolla Basket - it would be perfect as a laundry basket for your children. Next - bath curtain. By adding a bath curtain you can change the whole look of the room, so choose something that will go well together with the rest of the place. This Sun and Cloud Shower Curtain fits in this kid’s bathroom interior excellently. Lastly you’ll need some fun bath toys and washing accessories. Make washing easier and more fun with this Set of 2 Wash Mitts. White Hot® Ducky will keep your kid entertained during bath time and also notify you about the perfect water temperature and it is also a great classic bathroom decor.

Shop the look:

  1. Blue Speckle Removable Wallpaper - Livette’s Wallpaper
  2. Yellow Decorative LED Hanging Ceiling Pendant Light - Enuotek
  3. Sage Pom Pom Round Rug - Adairs
  4. Bathroom set of 4, Kids bathroom decor, Printable art, Wash your hands, Brush your teeth, Bathroom wall art, Colorful bathroom rules poster by WisePrintables - Etsy
  5. La Jolla Basket - Serena & Lily
  6. SUTTOM Blue Kid Cute Sun and Cloud Says Hello Yellow Shower Curtain - Walmart
  7. Star Motif Bathroom Set - Zara Home
  8. White Hot® Ducky - Munchkin
  9. Trogen Children's Step Stool - Ikea
  10. Set of 2 Wash Mitts, Animals Blue Dark Solid With Design - Vertbaudet
  11. 24" Single Bathroom Vanity Set - Wayfair
We hope this blog post was inspiring and useful.

Let us know what you think of our ideas by leaving a comment!


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