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Wallpaper Trends Of The Year | INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS

Modern removable wallpaper trends in 2021

What wallpaper styles will be trendy in 2021? We have a couple in mind already. Just as in the last week's blog post (Kid's Room Wallpaper trends predictions of the year), we have listed the most popular wallpaper styles that will conquer the rest of the house rooms.

Abstract Brush stroke removable wallpaper


Abstract style wallpaper will be big in 2021. Designs like Tiny Brushstroke wallpaper (Scandinavian Wallpaper collection) and London Metro line wallpaper (Mid-Century Wallpaper collection) are a great example of how abstract wall covering can either be in the centre of the interior or work as an extra texture to the room.
Geometric wallpaper on ceiling


Another wall covering style that we predict will be popular in 2021 is the geometric pattern wallpaper. Based on last year's bestsellers, designs like Scandi Style Geometric wallpaper (Mid-Century Wallpaper collection) and Modern Delicate Herringbone wallpaper (Scandinavian Wallpaper collection) have proven to change the living space without changing the original interior style. We predict geometric style designs will continue to be amongst the most popular wallpaper choices of 2021.

Trendy Delicate Herringbone Wallpaper in bathroom interior
Modern Floral wallpaper in stylish powder room


A wallpaper style that seems to never really go out of style is the floral pattern wall covering. Wallpaper designs like Subtle Floral wallpaper and Grey Peony wallpaper (Modern Bohemian wallpaper collection) were some of our client's favorite botanical wallpaper designs. We know that in 2021 it will be no different. Interior styles like Grandmillennial and shabby chic will keep the floral theme wallpaper stylish.

Home office styled with large peony removable wallpaper
Tropical style leaf pattern wallpaper for mid century style living room


These days nature inspired decor is a must have. Due to the "stay home" situation, we've been observing an increasing interest in tropical style wallpaper. As we see it - jungle theme wallpaper like Tropical Palm leaf design (Urban Jungle wallpaper collection) or Banana Leaf wallpaper (Costal wallpaper collection) is a great way how to change your living space. So to say - this year, welcoming nature into your home will keep its place amongst the interior trends of 2021.

Light boho style living room decorated with trendy banana leaf wallpaper

The best marble look removable wallpaper for modern interior


We predict that in 2021 accent walls will keep their popularity. Designs like Marble Wall mural (Feminine Design collection) and Colorful Terrazzo pattern wallpaper (Coral collection) with their stone-look like design is one of the most popular bathroom and powder room wallpaper choices. In 2021 we predict stone-themed wallpaper will be a popular choice for other room walls as-well.

Colorful Terrazzo removable wallpaper styled in rustic bedroom interior
Deep emerald green malachite removable wallpaper


Bold, deep colors, detailed patterns - the Maximalist look is the exact opposite of the minimalist style. With the rising popularity of the Victorian style wallpaper, we predict wallpaper designs like Bold leopard (Mid-Century Wallpaper collection) and Emerald Green Malachite (Bright & Modern Wallpaper collection) will become more trendy in 2021.

Maximalist style modern wallpaper for bold interior look

Unique wood texture wallpaper for modern interior


We've learned that abstract shapes and textured looks are some of the key elements of a unique and timeless design wallpaper. Just like Infinity Woodblock wallpaper or Chain pattern wallpaper (Mid-Century wallpaper collection) - many other abstract, texture-rich wallpaper patterns will decorate many home interiors in 2021.

Brush stroke abstract chain removable wallpaper
What do you think about our wallpaper trend predictions for 2021? If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below!


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