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Laundry Room makeover inspiration | DIY wallpaper project

Laundry room wallpaper makeover inspiration blog post with examples
These days DIY and quick home improvement projects are a necessity since we spend so much time at home. In this inspiration blog post, we will go through a couple of removable wallpaper styles that can completely change your laundry room interior.
Trendy peony pattern removable wallpaper in laundry room interior

Floral Design removable wallpaper

Say yes to floral wallpaper! This modern laundry room is a great example of how covering just one wall can add extra depth and character to space. For this laundry room makeover Rachel used Classic Grey Peony removable wallpaper from our Modern Farmhouse collection. Read more about this laundry room project in her blog!

Stylish and modern farmhouse style laundry room interior makeover

Nature inspired wallpaper

Another popular wallpaper style for laundry room interior is nature-inspired patterns. As an example, we picked this unique farmhouse them laundry room makeover project styled with Fern Green Botanical Wildflower wallpaper from our Modern Farmhouse collection.

Nature inspired laundry room interior look with fern green removable wallpaper
Designed and created by Margie, she proved that any space at home can be remodeled beautifully. Read more about her laundry makeover and how she participated in ORC (One Room Challenge Spring 2020) here!
Modern laundry room interior styled with classic herringbone removable wallpaper

Classic geometric laundry room wallpaper

Laundry room usually is small, so simple, light patterns designs will not make it look too busy or overwhelmed. For those who prefer modern and more neutral interior look - the geometric wallpaper patterns might be the right way.

Farmhouse style laundry room decor
As an example, we want to share Michelle's laundry room project. Her wall covering choice was Classic Grey Herringbone wallpaper from our Minimalist Kid's Room wallpaper collection. Read the full story of her laundry room decoration project here!
Beautiful light and modern farmhouse style mudroom and laundry room makeover with removable wallpaper

Cane pattern wallpaper

This beautiful modern farmhouse style laundry mudroom is rich with textures and patterns. We love how Light Blue Cane Print removable wallpaper from our Modern Farmhouse collection echos the woven pattern of other interior pieces. Natural color woven seagrass decor mixed with the blues creates a soft and welcoming feel to the room.

Modern light blue tile pattern removable wallpaper

Geometric pattern wallpaper helps to add extra depth to walls therefore are often used in laundry room interiors. To see before & after photos of this laundry room DIY project, visit Elisabeth's blog here!
Herringbone removable wallpaper in farmhouse style laundry room

Laundry room accent wall - Delicate herringbone wallpaper

Modern Delicate herringbone wallpaper from our Scandinavian collection has proven itself as the most adaptive wallpaper pattern. Because of its decorative design, it looks great as the accent wall, and at the same time is not overwhelming other decors. Because of its minimal design, it is a good choice for small spaces such as the laundry room.

Popular herringbone pattern wallpaper styled in modern laundry room interior
Nicole decided to add this wallpaper to her laundry room wall to make it more fun, and we think she nailed it! Follow her on @momlifestylex3 for more decoration tips!
If you have any questions or would like to comment, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

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