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Master Bathroom Remodel Featuring Line Art Design Wallpaper | Room Tour

Mid century modern bathroom interior renovation with line art removable wallpaper

Line art design is one of the most frequently seen modern art styles right now. It’s popularity has risen tremendously in the last years. This elegant bathroom done by Chayce & Hannah is good example on how to give a modern and fresh touch to your home. Look through this blog post to take a tour and see a “before and after” of this bathroom remodel!

Modern master bathroom interior with line art removable wallpaper and mid century modern decor

The best feeling when doing home makeover is seeing the progress and how the room slowly comes together. Here is a little sneak peek of how the bathroom looked before the renovation!

before bathroom renovation

If you want to see more “behind the scenes” action then make sure to check out the YouTube video below where Chayce and Hannah show more of the remodel process!

From painting the walls, to cutting the wood, putting up the wallpaper and, finally, doing the last touches for that perfect interior design look. We love seeing how the hard work pays off at the end! Don’t you?

Modern bathroom interior renovation after with removable peel and stick wallpaper

And here's the after! We are absolutely in love with this bathroom and how beautiful it turned out. The brown wood, gold and green accents makes this bathroom look so elegant and modern from the moment you open the doors.

Mid century modern bathroom interior with peel and stick wallpaper and sage green vanity

Wallpaper that Chayce and Hannah used for this project is our beautiful Line Art Design removable wall mural. This trendy yet simple design will make every room of the house stand out! We think that this particular design really suits this bathrooms interior and overall vibe, especially when paired with the dark woods and light green vanity!

Rose gold bathroom fittings

And these rose gold details are such a delicate but beautiful touch to the interior design, we just can't keep our eyes off of this bathroom! If you want to see what other gorgeous interior details Chayce and Hannah used for this project, make sure to visit their blog to learn more!

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