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Ocean Themed Kid's Room Interiors

If you are looking to create ocean themed interior for your little one, or simply love to browse through beautiful interior spaces, we have just the thing for you. Browse through this Ocean Themed Kid's Room Interior inspo post and save some ideas for your next project! Or let us know if you have used any of our designs in your own nautical themed interior project!

1. Gender neutral tropical palm leaf wallpaper

Even though this particular tropical room styling might be more on the feminine side, the Blue Tropical Palm Leaf wallpaper is perfectly suitable for a coastal gender neutral nursery interior. In fact, this monstera leaf design has been used by our clients for both girl and boy's room designs. For the perfect look, pair it with white bed linen, light wood and rattan furniture as well as natural greenery.

Soft boho coastal girl's bedroom with blue tropical palm leaf removable wallpaper and cane furniture

2. Delicate nautical theme kid's room wallpaper

If you would like to keep the kid's room in neutral colors and want to have a delicate approach of the nautical theme, this Rope Design wallpaper might be the best solution. The subtle pattern will look like a vertical stripes from afar, yet will bring a touch of typical nautical decor element to the room.

Elegant surfer boy's room design with neutral nautical removable wallpaper

3. Sophisticated Sea Animal Print Wallpaper

This Whale Pattern Removable wallpaper is the perfect choice for sea animal themed kid's rooms that are not too kiddish and will last longer than a couple of years. This sophisticated wallpaper design can be beautifully combined with walnut wood furniture and white, gray or neutral color bed linens for a calming ambience and gender neutral kid's room interior. We also believe this could be a stunning choice for kid's bathroom interior!

Watercolor whale pattern removable wallpaper for sea animal themed baby nursery

4. Nautical watercolor kid's bedroom wallpaper

If you love nautical theme interiors but would like to steer clear from typical anchors, sea animals and boats, consider going with this Watercolor Design wallpaper. This removable wallpaper will give an abstract feeling of the nautical vibe with the blue color from the watercolors and striped pattern. Yet it is sophisticated enough that it could easily be in a grown up's bedroom as well. And this of course means that it will last for years to come, from your little one's toddler years throughout the teens!

Sophisticated nautical theme wallpaper for children's bedroom

5. Modern surfer's man cave removable wallpaper

Our Beach Wave Print wallpaper is a popular choice for modern boy's bedroom interiors. This removable wallpaper adds the needed vibrance and movement to the room and creates a distinct ocean themed interior vibe. The room pictured below is designed by Lily Rose Interiors for her son, Bailey and she used a custom color for this wallpaper - Night, from our Elegant Neutrals color palette.

Modern beach house boy's bedroom with white furniture, wave wall mural and blue bed linen

Modern blue color boy's bedroom with white bed, wave pattern wallpaper and jute rug

6. Eclectic coastal boy's bedroom wallpaper

This shared boy's bedroom interior designed by JLV Creative truly emits good vibes only, don't you think? The vibrant colors, mix of textures and patterns along with the eclectic decor and lush greenery creates a true indoor coastal paradise. Our Large Herringbone Print wallpaper adds a bold accent to the room and helps to anchor down the sleeping area at the same time.

Eclectic beach house boys bedroom with exotic furniture, colorful bed linen and boho throw pillows

Blue removable wallpaper in boys bedroom interior with eclectic boho beach style

We hope you found some beautiful ideas for your next interior project, or at least a little Wednesday interior styling inspiration! Click here to see our full Ocean Theme Kid's Room Wallpaper Collection. And if you have used any of our removable wallpapers in your interior, don't hesitate to get in touch! We'd be thrilled to see what you have created!

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